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New street lighting with an interoperable control system for Jordanowska Street in Wrocław

The reconstruction of Jordanowska Street in Wroclaw resulted in the need to install new luminaires compliant with the guidelines of the Municipal Roads and City Maintenance Authority. This is another project that we have implemented inculding a control system.

Certyfikat VDE

VDE certification for the enterprise – we have it at Luxon!

Company development is a continuous process of identifying areas for improvement. These include increasing employee comfort, or introducing new products, but also maintaining production processes at a high level. This is achieved through the use of appropriate schemes.

Instalacja fotowoltaiczna i oświetlenie LED do hali produkcyjnej

Modern photovoltaic system and new LED lighting with intelligent control system for Gebhardt-Stahl Polska

A comprehensive solution combining the generation of electricity from the company's own photovoltaic power plant and installation of modern LED lighting to improve comfort at workstations were the key objectives of the investor from the outset. Moreover, our objective was to reduce the energy consumption for lighting at the production and storage hall along with a quick return on the investment.

Oświetlenie LED ze sterowaniem w hali produkcyjnej i magazynowej

LED lighting with a control system in the production and storage hall for ZPAS Group.

The high-tech technologies include solutions for automation, ICT and power engineering. These are the products that ZPAS Group, dealing with prefabrication of cabinets, is proud of. Their range of products includes electrical and control cabinets, tool machines, and equipment for parcel sending.

Wymiana opraw oświetleniowych

Luxon LED will save CIECH Soda Polska nearly 10,000 MWh annually by replacing luminaires

Luxon LED has won a contract to improve energy efficiency in the plants of CIECH Soda Polska, a company belonging to the CIECH Group, one of the largest chemical concerns in Central and Eastern Europe.

Modernizacja systemu oświetlenia z bezprzewodowym sterowaniem

New lighting system using wireless control system – our project for Safran Transmission Systems

Skanska Company, the general contractor who created new buildings for Safran, asked us to work with them to select the appropriate lighting system for the new object built next to the existing production hall. After successful collaboration with Skanska company, we received a direct query from Safran, who asked us to modernize their existing lighting systems in older buildings. We carried out an audit and created a solution that met the expectations of the owner of these specialized production halls.

Certyfikat BREEAM i LEED

BREEAM and LEED Certificates Comparison of the most common energy certification systems for LED lighting.

The building industry is increasingly concerned with measures to increase user comfort while reducing air pollution. This is one of the keynotes of sustainable development. To this end, new and existing buildings can be certified, where a number of factors are taken into account.

modernizacja oświetlenia w branży lotniczej

Retrofitting indoor lighting in the aerospace industry

Aerospace is an industry sector which continues to grow and requires superio quality of manufactured components. This requires light sources adequate to the precision of the work processed on aerospace manufacturing work stations. LED light luminaires improve the safety and comfort of work operators while keeping energy consumption low.


What standards and requirements does the workplace lighting need to comply with?

Workplace lighting has a major role to play in your business and its primary purpose is to provide a comfortable, safe and healthy working environment. Find out more in our article on the standards and requirements for workplace lighting.

czym jest protokół DALI

What is DALI protocol? The advantages of smart lighting systems

The 21st century has seen inevitable advances in technology that most business owners are trying to keep up with. Smart-controlled lighting is an improvement that brings increased employee comfort while saving electricity, the price of which is constantly rising.

Lighting including the control and comprehensive implementation for the NEU-JKF Sp. z o.o. production hall

NEU-JKF Sp. z o.o. is a company that has been operating since 1997. The company focuses on providing complete dust extraction and pneumatic transport systems for various industries. The company relies on proven and modern air purification systems, which can be used by both large plants and small craft companies.

Oświetlenie LED dla hodowli zwierząt i rolnictwa

How to choose lights for animal husbandry and other farming operations?

The light in animal farm buildings is especially important if you need a sustainable balance between efficient production and the comfort of farm animals. An optimal lighting solution will give you and your animals plenty of benefits; choosing LED lamps adds plenty of savings on energy too.

Beleuchtung für das Bildungs– und Rehabilitationszentrum

New lighting for the Education and Rehabilitation Center “Szansa”

A homogeneous lighting that has low failure rates, is cost-effective and creates comfortable conditions? These were the tasks assigned to us by the Education and Rehabilitation Center "SZANSA". In their newly created center in Piotrkow Trybunalski they needed the best solutions. What luminaires did we use? Feel free to check our case study

Lighting in the sales hall – PSB Kenpol

Replacement of lighting with luminaires with high aesthetic values and a low UGR factor. The company decided to replace the lighting in the sales hall in order to ensure better visibility of products for consumers. The arrangement of the luminaires allows for even lighting of each element in the store.

Beleuchtung von Sportanlagen

PZTS (Polish Table Tennis Association): lighting for sports facilities

Lighting that meets the highest requirements of table tennis players. The arrangement of the luminaires allows for lighting the hall in various combinations, depending on the type of performed activities and the number of players.


Modernization of the lighting system for PSB Mrówka Sulejów

PSB KENPOL Sulejów is one of the stores of the network that belongs to the PSB Group. Moreover, it is one of the largest and fastest growing wholesalers of building materials and stores in the home and garden sector. The company decided to replace the lighting in the sales hall in order to ensure better visibility of products for consumers. PSB Mrówka Sulejów is a modern market that focuses on the highest quality of products, while providing customers with a wide range of solutions. Professional building materials and accessories for interior design allow not only to carry out the renovation, but also to change their arrangement. After a request to prepare an offer for lighting replacement, the company entrusted us with the execution of the project.

kompensacja mocy biernej

Reactive power and its compensation – benefits for your business

Do you ever wonder why your company's electricity bills are high? An energy-intensive and ineffective lighting system may be one of the reasons for this. You can replace it easily with modern, eco-friendly and highly efficient LED lighting by Luxon. Reactive power generated by the devices can be another factor. What is reactive power, how to defend yourself against it and how it depletes your company's budget? – you can find answers to these and other questions in the article below. We wish you pleasant reading!

Modernizacja oświetlenia w halach produkcyjnych

Modernization of lighting in production halls of ARIX, a manufacturer of cleaning and personal hygiene products

ARIX company specializes in the production of cleaning products. Its head office is located in Kleszczów municipality, where two production halls with an area of 8 thousand square meters. After several years of activity, the manufacturer decided to modernize the lighting in the production halls and social rooms. The aim was to improve working conditions and ecological aspects.

ebook dla przemysłu

eBook – LED Lighting for industry

How to successfully implement a lighting modernization project in an industrial plant and gain up to 70% savings on electricity?

directive CE


In Germany, as in every other Member State, exported goods are released for free circulation if there are no bans or restrictions arising from ...

Webinar #6 – How much you can save through modernization of lighting

During the webinar we will show how much money you can really save through modernization of lighting and how it affects the environment.

Webinar #5 – The impact of LED lighting on road safety, environment and budget of municipalities.

During the webinar we will tell you how street lighting affects safety, the environment and the city budget.

Oświetlenie hal przemysłowych oszczędności. Wpływ oświetlenia LED na człowieka

Webinar #4 – The impact of LED lighting on employees

During the webinar we will answer the following questions:
- How does artificial light affect a human being?
- What light color is the best for production areas?
- Can light improve the comfort of work?
- What other benefits result from the use of proper lighting in production areas?

Oświetlenie na drodze ekspresowej

New lighting on the S6 expressway on the Baltic Coast

The S6 expressway lighting is another project we completed together with Apanet - a company that provides innovative lighting control systems. Upon their recommendation, we were contacted by Arkowar - a company from Warsaw and the subcontractor of the project, specializing in the implementation of projects in the field of design, construction, modernization, and electrical works.

Webinar #2 – Lighting for the packaging industry

During the webinar you will learn about the requirements for lighting modernization in the packaging industry and how to conduct a lighting audit in order to generate maximum savings.

tuby LED a oprawy LED

LED tubes and LED luminaires. Differences and potential benefits

Fluorescent lamps have been present in production halls and office spaces for many years. Over time, however, the technology has changed and conventional fluorescent lamps have been replaced by modern, more energy-efficient LED fluorescent lamps, also called LED tubes. Therefore, it seems that replacing them can prove to be very beneficial for the client in terms of both savings and quality of light. However, there's another solution available: a dedicated LED luminaire, a more expensive choice, but probably definitely more beneficial. Let's see!

Webinar #1 – Lighting for the food industry

During the webinar, we will tell you about the requirements associated with the modernization of lighting and what savings can be obtained on the example of companies such as: Pepsico, Hortex or Indykpol.

Oświetlenie dla Przedsiębiorstwa Energetyki Cieplnej

New lighting system for the heat distribution company

Our cooperation with PEC in Poland was a consequence of the necessity to modernize the plant’s lighting system. PEC is a leading supplier of thermal energy in the city; it employs over 100 employees and has 14 local gas boiler rooms. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly company - the share of renewable energy sources in heat production is 33.9%.

modernizacja oświetlenia LED w zakładzie produkcyjnym

Modernization of the lighting system with an intelligent control system for Theysohn Formenbau GmbH

Theysohn Formenbau GmbH belongs to the Boryszew group, which is active on the Automotive market and in chemical and metal industries. Theysohn Formenbau GmbH is focused on the production of metal matrices used for the production of plastic components.

Modernized Agemar hall with Ultima - Luxon LED

Lighting automation – control systems. 1-10 vs DALI

Light is one of the key factors affecting the comfort and safety of work, especially in industrial plants Automation of lighting reduces energy consumption and thus allows us to lower the operating costs of the building. In industry, lighting is an important area that generates high energy consumption costs. However, it's possible to change it by using lighting control systems. We've compared the two most popular ones - 1-10V and DALI.

Comprehensive project of tunnel and external lighting for Kilińskiego Street in Siedlce

Comprehensive project of tunnel and external lighting for Kilińskiego Street in Siedlce

The goal of the investment was to connect two parts of the city center and to create a new communication route that would improve traffic on the Siedlce bypass.

Modernization of lighting in the production hall for the Swiss railway rolling stock manufacturer - Stadler

Modernization of lighting in the production hall for the Swiss railway rolling stock manufacturer – Stadler

The Stadler company has been involved in the construction of rail vehicles for over 75 years and they operate also in Poland. They decided to modernize the existing lighting system in their production halls to improve the working conditions.

Hala produkcyjna oraz magazyny firmy Twinings - oprawy Highbay- Luxon LED

New luminaires in Twinings’s production hall and warehouses

The oldest tea manufacturer in the world, a company with over 300 years of tradition, needed to change the lighting in their production halls and warehouses in Swarzędz, Poland. Check it out!

oprawy Industrial i Highbay w magazynach firmy Geberit - Luxon LED

Lighting with an intelligent control system for a European pioneer in the sanitary market Geberit

Geberit is a company that creates sanitary technology. Currently, it has 29 factories around the world, together with a network of warehouses. Some of them are located in Poland, and we equipped them with new luminaires with an intelligent control system. As the sustainable development is one of the company's core values, their goal is to reduce water consumption and use only energy-saving installations and modern logistics systems. Geberit was looking for a way to reduce energy consumption and improve the working conditions for employees in their warehouses in Włocławek. We carried out an audit and interviews with decision-makers, and we offered a system of luminaires adapted to the company's needs, which was then implemented in their warehouses, cross-docks and technical warehouses.

Zmodernizowany magazyn firmy LG Electronics z oprawami Industrial - Luxon LED

Comprehensive lighting modernization for Dong Yang Electronics

Dong Yang Electronics is a Korean company founded in 1989. One of its headquarters is located in Poland. It's a manufacturer of plastic components for TV sets, particularly plastic housings, produced mainly for LG Electronics Polska. Luxon LED partnered with Dong Yang Electronics after having completed a previous order for the manufacturer.

Zmodernizowany zakłąd produkcyjny firmy Zott z oprawami Highbay - Luxon LED

Modern lighting for Zott – the leader on the yogurt market in Poland and Central Europe

Since the 1990s, Zott has been manufacturing dairy products such as yoghurt, desserts, cheese, cream and cottage cheese. In 2013, Luxon LED designed and implemented a comprehensive lighting system for cold stores, freezers and unloading halls.

Wykres LM80B10 - Luxon LED

What does the LxBy indicator mean?

LEDs tend to wear out naturally, so their light intensity decreases as time goes by. It doesn't mean, however, that these LEDs are damaged. Their durability is described with the LxBy indicator, which informs us when our LED luminaires are expected to expire, taking into account their use in a given period of time. What these parameters actually mean and how they should be interpreted correctly?

Oprawy przemysłowe Industrial w hali prosukcyjnej firmy PepsiCo - Luxon LED

Modernization of lighting in PepsiCo production plants

PepsiCo is a global leader in the food industry and a leading Polish producer of carbonated beverages. The company owns such brands as Pepsi, Mirinda, 7UP, Mountain Drew, and produces sugar-free beverages such as Pepsi Max, Pepsi Light and Pepsi Light Lemon, as well as non-carbonated drinks such as Lipton Ice Tea, Toma juices and mineral water Krystaliczne Źródło.

Znaczek Luxon LED FT 1000

Luxon among 1,000 fastest-growing companies in Europe

We started in 2008 as a start-up, with great plans for the future, faith in our capabilities and our potential

Oprawy przemysłowe Ultima w hali firmy Agemar - Luxon LED

Agemar: lighting modernization

In the modernized plant in Łódź Industrial:LED luminaires were used.

Oprawy Highbay w zakłądzie firmy Industrias Alegre - Luxon LED

Highbay LED – The result of the biggest R&D project of Luxon LED

Working on an industry fitting is very difficult. It looks like arranging a Rubik`s cube where all the elements must fit each other perfectly: effectiveness, resistance to dust, mechanical resistance, water and aggressive environment, several versions of beam angle and finally the possibility of easy adaptation, some versions of light beam, customization and adjusting the product to the newest trends on the market.

Zdjęcie opraw Cordoba w Legnicy - Luxon LED

Complex implementation and modernization of 
the lightning system along the Sudecka Street in Legnica

The Municipal Road Authority in Legnica decided to have the lightning system on the Sudecka Street upgraded and was looking for a comprehensive contractor.

Oprawy Highbay w magazynie firmy Zott - Luxon LED

The result of the biggest research and development project of Luxon LED

Working on an industry fitting looks like arranging a Rubik`s cube where all the elements must fit each other perfectly: effectiveness, mechanical resistance, resistance to dust, water and aggressive environment, some versions of light beam, several versions of beam angle and finally the possibility of easy adaptation, customization and adjusting the product to the newest trends on the market.

Oprawy przemysłowe Industrial w firmie Viessman w Legnicy - Luxon LED

Ultima LED – Low UGR in warehouses and halls

A warehouse alley is a place where a danger linked with glare is especially high. Ultima:LED is a fitting with a narrower angle of light (60 degrees), equiped with an anti-glare system. The system reduces UGR in high storage warehouses and production rooms. A case made of anodized aluminium protects from dust and other impurities, whereas low heat resistance of the radiator provides its long lifespan.

oprawy Tracklight w firmie Neonet

Light for commercial and display areas: TRACKLIGHT

A real reproduction of colours is a characteristic. The CRI rate typical of Tracklight:LED is 80, and for the special versions even 97, whereas 100 translates into the effect of full sun at noon. Dedicated series allow to choose the right parameters (colour temperature, CRI, light distribution method) for luxury goods, groceries, confection and automobile industry.

Industrias Alegre building

Skylight LED for precise lighting of outdoor areas

When making the Skylight:LED, our goal was to increase the safety of production plants and improve the comfort on night shifts.

Lini świetlne Lumiline w sklepie Komfort w Katowicach - Luxon LED

Efficient line lightning: LUMILINE

LumiLine:LED is a system that allows for the creation of coherent light lines of various lenght. The panel is seamless and that is why the fittings are joined into one without any visible points of contact. As a whole, it gives a very functional effect of high aesthetics.

high bay warehouse

Ligtning for sterile conditions: SMART LED CLEAN

Smart LED Clean is a type of fitting dedicated to the rooms where keeping the highest stadards for cleanliness and perfect visibility are key issues. Specialistic scientific research, computer processors production, medicine manufacture – these are some of the activities where any contamination is forbidden. That is why, it is necessary to choose the right fittings of smart design adjusted to rigorous cleanliness and safety requirements.

Modernisation of lighting in Indykpol

Industrial lighting – Industrial:LED 5.0

Learn the process of creating Industrial LED 5.0 and the factors affecting the highest efficiency of the luminaire amounting to 185lm/W.

The improvement of comfort in an office: EDGE

Fitting Edge is a ceilling LED panel with diodes situated on the edges. Thanks to that, you will have the whole surface illuminated equally, without any visible spots of light. Low UGR let avoid the effect of an uncomfortable glare. The basis of this construction is an alimnium frame of light weight and proper rigidity of the panel.

Cordoba dark background

Certified street lightning – Cordoba and Toledo

High efficiency of the fitting and the luminous flux (up to 13300 lm in the Basic version and 13150 in the ENEC version) let reduce the amount of fittings in the project and save energy costs. The level of protection of IP66 guarantees resistance to water and dust, thanks to which there is no need of service works.


Luxon LED becomes Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2018 Central Europe laureate

For the second time in a row, our company became a laureate of the prestigious Deloitte Technology ranking, what is more, for the second time as the only company from the electrotechnical industry on the list.

Modernizacja oswietlenia branza FMCG

AMPLUS Sp. z o.o. – Modern distribution of vegetables and fruits

AMPLUS is one of the leading Polish producers and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables. The company has been operating for 25 years, providing wholesale deliveries worldwide. Since the 1990s, the company has been working closely with retail chains to ensure that the products delivered are fresh and tasty.

Zmodernizowane oświetlenie w hali produkcyjnej firmy Broen - Oświetlenie przemysłowe Industrial - Luxon LED

BROEN – valves and water controlling technologies manufacturer

BROEN is one of the leading manufacturers of valves and technologies controlling the water, gas, air, fuel and oil flows. Difficult working conditons are present in the manufacturing area of the facility - ongoing welding and metalworks actions generate intense amounts of pollution in the form of oil and dust mists. We proposed modern LED lights, suited for heavy industrial work environments.

Oświetlenie przemysłowe Industrial w magazynie producenta porcelany - Luxon LED

ZPS “Karolina” – manufacturer of unique porcelain

The Karolina production facility is a company with a 150 year old history of delivering porcelain serveware. The organization is ranked high among European manufacturers and their wares are widely recognized not only in the EU but also in the USA and Egypt. We've upgraded the lighting system in the whole facility, including the Quality Department which allowed to precisely rate the quality of each production batch.


On October 17, at the Wroclaw Congress Center at Hala Stulecia, a conference took place as part of the MADE IN WROCŁAW fair, in which the leaders of Wrocław's business participated. We had a great pleasure to take part in it.

Luxon has new investor

Huge congratulations to the entire Luxon LED team for their commitment, and in particular to Marek Ostrowski for the successful completion of this very important project, which was the acquisition of a new investor.

Zmodernizowana hala produkcyjna firmy Hortex - Luxon LED

HORTEX – Producer of frozen foods, juices and beverages

HORTEX is a well-recognized brand in Poland, oriented at manufacturing juices, nectars, beverages. Preservation of natural flavors of vegetables and fruits through freezing is a strong pillar in the company's activity.

Oprawy przemysłowe Highbay w hali produkcyjnej firmy Industrias Alegre - Luxon LED

Industrias Alegre Poland – manufacturer of parts for the largest automotive concerns

Industrias Alegre is a Spanish family-owned company – a global manufacturer and supplier of parts for the largest automotive companies.
In 2017, a large production centre manufacturing parts for Ford vehicles started its operations in Biskupice Podgórne, Kobierzyce commune.

Modernization of lighting at national road No. 94 in Źródła

In the Miękina comune, plots, allocated for an investment zone are being prepared. The first stage of the investment, includes development of street lighting on the roads leading into the subzone. A reliable implementation is of great importance to the comune, because those roads are linked with the National Road no. 94.

Oświetlenie przemysłowe w hali produkcyjnej firmy Jarpak - Luxon LED

Jarpak: lighting control system

The company decided to modernize the lighting together with the control system.

Oprawy przemysłowe Ultima w hali firmy Euroimpex - Luxon LED

Euroimpex: even illumination of open spaces

Euroimpex, a company with a Polish unit in Góra Kalwaria in Mazovia Province, decided to modernize the lighting installation. The modernization included the cold store.

Oprawy Industrial w zmodernizowanym magazynie firmy Indykpol - Luxon LED

Indykpol: energy efficiency through LED luminaires in the food industry

The company's headquarters is in Olsztyn and the lighting modernization based on energy-efficient LED luminaires was carried out there.


We got it! Luxon LED receives ISO 9001:2015 certification

Six months of preparation, a lot of work of the whole team and we have it! ISO 9001:2015.

Budynek zmodernizowanej firmy Osa Moto - Luxon LED

ORSA-MOTO Sp. z o.o. – technical nonwovens factory for the automotive industry

Twice less energy consumption three times more light intensity. This is are the final results of the lighting upgrade at Orsa Moto. Find out more about our solutions.

Deloitte dyplom

Luxon LED becomes Deloitte Technology Fast 500 2017 EMEA laureate

We are excited that we have been awarded the only company in the lighting industry in the entire region of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Oprawy hermetyczne Industrial w obiekcie sportowym Basen Ślęza - Luxon LED

Slęza Center: luminaires of high Ingress Protection and an interesting design

The modern interior of the swimming pool was illuminated with a non-standard series of Industrial:LED and Downlight:LED luminaires (surface and recessed version).

Niestandardowe oprawy biurowe led przy Dubois 41 w firmie 3M - Luxon LED

Dubois 41: non-standard solution for a modern office building

For the purposes of this implementation, a non-standard version of surface-mounted luminaires was created, which emphasized the geometric nature of the ceiling as well as the elegant and bright interior.

Modernizacja oświetlenia salonu samochodowego

Car showroom – Toyota Nowakowski Wrocław

After a complexive audit, we designed and installed our light project on a retail space of 700m2. The exposition area was intended for 800 lx, which ensured tremendous visibility of
the exhibited goods. We've also designed an individualized Backlight:LED fixture.

Zmodernizowany magazyn wysokiego składowania firmy Simoldes - oprawy przemysłowe Highbay firmy Luxon LED

SIMOLDES PLASTICOS Sp. z o.o. – manufacturer of synthetic casts

Simoldes Plasticos tis the biggest manufacturer of synthetic casts in Europe. The main challenge we faced was to exchange the luminaires with an ongoing production process.

Agropasz Krotoszyn – modernization of lighting in a feed plant

The plant engaged in the production of fodder, modernized its equipment with lighting ensuring high comfort for both employees and animals.

Modernisierung der Beleuchtung in der Produktionsstätte

SANHA Polska Sp. z o.o. – HVAC production plant

Sanha is one of the European manufacturers of system for heating, water and gas installations. Our luminaires allowed to double the light intensity levels and at the same time reduce the power consumption by 40%.

Oprawy uliczne Cordoba przy ulicy Buraczanej we Wrocławiu - Luxon LED

Municipal road in Wrocław

The project aimed to improve the safety of pedestrians moving nearby the detached houses.

Hala produkcyjna z oprawami Highbay w firmie Lucchini - Luxon LED

Lucchini Poland: work precision in the mechanical working facility

Luxon LED carried out a lighting modernization in the production hall in Mińsk Mazowiecki, where Highbay:LED luminaires with color temperature of 5700K were used, facilitating concentration and work comfort.

Oprawy przemysłowe Industrial w magazynie firmy Komputronik - Luxon LED

Komputronik: energy-efficient solution for warehouse

What does the high storage warehouse look like after the lighting modernization?

Hala przemysłowa firmy Legs po modernizacji oświetlenia na led - Luxon LED

Legs: Optimization and improving visibility

In order to optimize the power consumption in the halls, Industrial:LED luminaires were used.

Oprawy Highbay w magazynie firmy Zott - Luxon LED

Zott: lighting modernization in the international barnd’s milk plant

In order to improve the working conditions and obtain a higher level of light intensity, the following luminaires were used in the project: Industrial:LED, Highbay:LED and Edge:LED (recessed).

Oprawy przemysłowe Highbay w hali produkcyjnej firmy Fiat - Luxon LED

ADF Auto: precision and work comfort

In industrial facilities of the automotive industry, the precision of the works performed is very important. That is why Luxon LED designers suggested using Highbay:LED.

Oprawy przemysłowe Highbay w części przemysłowej firmy Pepsico - Luxon LED

PepsiCo: smart lighting control system in the production facilities

For PepsiCo we created a lighting design which, together with the control system, optimized the possible energy consumption savings.

Modernizacja oświetlenia w salonie sprzedaży aut marki Citroen - Luxon LED

Citroen: modern lighting in a car showroom

Car showroom is a demanding space that should attract the attention of the customers. What type of lighting should be used to achieve it?

Oświetlenie kortu tenisowego REDECO - Luxon LED

REDECO complex of sports facilities in Wroclaw

Centrum sportowe Redeco składa się z kilku obiektów na terenie Wrocławia o charakterze sportowym i rekreacyjnym.

Oprawy przemysłowe Highbay w magazynie wysokiego składowania firmy Grene Kramp - Luxon LED

GRENE KRAMP – Intelligent lighting management

Kramp is a complex supplier of spare parts, technological and business solutions. The company is a strategic business partner for enterprises from various industries: agricultural, forestry and greenfield care, earthwork contractors and OEM.

Oprawy Lumiline w sklepie Leclerc - Luxon LED

E.Leclerc: light lines system

The well-known chain store E.Leclerc carried out a lighting modernization. A system of light lines illuminated the shelves.

Oświetlenie przemysłowe Industrial w hali magazynowej hurtowni leków - Luxon LED

Intra: improving work in the warehouse

Check the modernization of the pharmaceutical warehouse, where the lighting in the storage parts was replaced.

Zmodernizowane oświetlenie w budynku firmy Merida - Luxon LED

Merida: recessed-mounted luminaires in office

Office lighting in LED technology modernized the interior of the department, at the same time it allowed to create very good working conditions in the illuminated rooms.

Oprawy biurowe Edge w budynku przychodni w Sztumie - Luxon LED

Individual Specialist Medical Practice: luminaires that fit the modern interior of the clinic

The clinic in Sztum did not only acquired modern technology, it also took care of its patients thanks to the lighting design.

oprawy biurowe Edge w zmodernizowanym budynku w Polskiej Akademii Nauk - Luxon LED

The Polish Academy of Sciences

How did the implementation for the Polish Academy of Sciences go? See photos.

Oprawy biurowe Edge w Śląskim Laboratorium Analitycznym - Luxon LED

The Silesian Analytical Laboratory. LED 60×60 panels

The Silesian Analytical Laboratory is one of the first Luxon LED realizations.

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