The role of street lighting is to ensure safety. This applies not only to drivers but also to everyone along the road. Moreover, this type of lighting is used in park alleys, spaces in housing estates, and to illuminate walking and cycle paths. The types of street luminaires have changed over the years and the market is still developing rapidly.

The first street lighting

oświetlenie uliczne rodzaje

Street lighting has been known for centuries. In the beginning city areas were illuminated by torches, but in the 19th century they were replaced with gas lamps. Today you can still find them, but they just for decoration.

Ordinary bulbs with tungsten filaments were also used for street lighting. However, their efficiency was so low that they were quickly replaced by other light sources.

jakie są rodzaje oświetlenia ulicznego
oświetlenie uliczne dostępne rodzaje

Discharge lamps

This type of lighting is still in use today. Light is produced through an electrical discharge.

Fluorescent lamps

The first type to replace incandescent lamps were the fluorescent tubes. Unfortunately they were not successful in illuminating large areas.

rodzaje opraw oświetlenia ulicznego

Mercury lamps

Another type of street lighting are discharge lamps using mercury vapour. However, they were quickly discontinued due to the hazardous nature of the substance used.

rodzaje oświetlenia ulicznego

Sodium lighting

The mercury lamps were replaced by sodium-vapour lamps. Low-pressure sodium-vapour lamps did not catch on because of their low colour rendering index. However the high pressure sodium-vapour lamps have become very popular and are still used today. This type of street luminaire, with its characteristic orange-yellow colour, is used in areas of historic cities, as well as on many non-upgraded road sections.

Metal-halide lamps

Ths sodium lighting has been ousted by metal-halide lamps. Compared to their predecessors, they have a significantly higher luminous efficiency. In addition, their colour rendering index is much higher.

oprawy oświetlenia ulicznego rodzaje

LED street lights

This is the latest generation of street lighting. These are lamps based on LEDs. They offer high luminous efficiency and the best colour rendering index. Furthermore, LED luminaires are distinguished by their long life and energy efficiency, and can be controlled with additional equipment. They are used on all types of roads and in population habitation areas, including parks and housing estates.

Excellent visibility and focus on safety.

Lighting on S6 expressway

7 years

Warranty and fulfillment of all requirements of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways

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