Luxon is not a workplace, it’s a lifestyle!

If you are here, it means you are interested in working with us. Join us and you’ll see that Mondays at work can be fun!

Why work with us?

Development strategy – Mission & Vision are not just empty slogans for us.


Find a friendly atmosphere and open people at every level of our company’s hierarchy.

Taking part in
interesting projects

You can participate in ambitious projects and have influence on creating new solutions.

A place for

You can implement your own ideas and solutions. We love open-minded people!


We offer flexible forms of employment and flexitime.

Luxmed, Multisport
and group insurance

We offer co-financing for Luxmed services, Multisport card and group insurance.

Training for
new employees

After getting hired, you undergo a series of introductory training.


You get a laptop, a car and a phone.

Luxon in the learning process

You can participate in internal and external training becoming an expert in your field.

A place
for trainees

Learn while working with professionals. The best are offered a job.

A place for
people with passion

Do you have a passion? You can surely find someone to share your interests at Luxon.

Work life

Balance between personal and professional life.


You can shape your career in the fastest-growing LED lighting company.

Who are we looking for? We focus on attitude, we want people who are eager to learn, optimistic and resourceful, people who are enthusiastic about work and value responsibility, honesty and partnership in relationships. Thanks to such people and values we have managed to build a unique team and create an inimitable atmosphere.

Małgorzata Janus
HR Business Partner

Luxon LED Values

L. LUDZIE (People)

Our employees are the most unique value of the company. It is their ingenuity, enthusiasm and professionalism that make us become more efficient in business. They are the best ambassadors of our brand. And for them, we create a tolerant and friendly work environment.

U. Uczciwość (Integrity)

Integrity and ethical behaviours are very important to us. Why? Because they are the basis for building trust not only of our employees but also of our clients.

X . X Factor

Our X FACTOR is Cooperation! It means the ability to interact to achieve a common goal in accordance with our values.

It is also building an atmosphere of trust, openness, respect and understanding for our employees and clients.

O. Optimism

We treat failures as challenges, a chance to learn. We know that IT ALWAYS CAN BE DONE. We are looking for challenges and we are curious about new products. Optimism does not allow us to be discouraged, but it gives us charisma and charm.

N. Niezawodność (Reliability)

We are reliable and we provide reliable products in a reliable way! Whatever we do, we do it as best as we can. We know that without commitment, resourcefulness and everyday effort it is difficult to expect great results.

CFR, or Corporate Family Responsibility in Luxon LED

We support our employees in reconciliation of professional duties and personal life, and we encourage them to take care of themselves and their families. How do we do this?

Support and partnership

You can always count on your superior’s full support and help, both when it comes to your professional and private issues. Are you unable to get 100% involved in your tasks for good reasons? Are you experiencing a serious family problem? Inform your superior about it, you will get help and real support.

Work-life balance

We draw a boundary between professional and private life. We don’t expect out employees to put work first, ahead of the family. Your holiday is a time for you. No one disturbs your free time with phones, questions, etc.

Flexible forms of employment

We offer flexible forms of employment and working hours, including home office. If you have to get something done urgently, you can leave earlier or come to work later and finish your tasks on a different date. Are you or your relative ill? Stay at home, take some rest or take care of your loved ones! Using the flexible forms and working hours does not affect your opportunities of promotion and development.

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