The S6 expressway lighting is another project we completed together with Apanet – a company that provides innovative lighting control systems. Upon their recommendation, we were contacted by Arkowar – a company from Warsaw and the subcontractor of the project, specializing in the implementation of projects in the field of design, construction, modernization, and electrical works. We had to provide luminaires that met the specific requirements for this section of the expressway (between Kołobrzeg and Ustronie Morskie), where two junctions are located. We created an offer that was accepted and then implemented.

What has the contractor gained by using our products and services?

Warranty extended to 7 years

Ikona systemu sterowania oświetleniem DALI - Luxon LED

Compatibility with the control system

Compliance with all conditions set by General Directorate for National Roads and Highways


How to change the project including sodium luminaires with the new one, based on energy-saving LED technology?

The design of the lighting system for this section of the S6 expressway was created a few years ago and included traditional sodium lamps. Our goal was to prepare a modified version of that offer, but using new solutions in LED technology. It required us to calculate and compare the differences between the old offer and our project, in accordance with the requirements set by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways. These regulations concerned the luminance and the evenness of lighting according to the standards of road classes. What’s more, the new lighting was supposed to have a control system, and our customer required an extended warranty on the luminaires because using LED technology the expected lifetime of the luminaires is much longer than in the case of traditional sodium lamps.

Implementation and solution

Luminaires suitable for the new calculations for LED lighting that would precisely illuminate the expressway

After introducing appropriate changes to the calculations, we suggested using three different luminaires suitable for street lighting. The first one was the Cordoba LED with high efficiency and special lenses responsible for optimal light distribution. The second one was the Toledo LED lamp, which can use various optics to freely shape the photometric body. The last one was the Skylight LED with high luminous flux. All the lamps are specifically designed for external use and have larger-than-average resistance to external factors. The lighting was then synchronized with the control system provided by Apanet.

Client’s Benefits

We have fulfilled all customer’s requirements

  • Extended warranty on favourable terms to make sure any flaws are quickly repaired
  • Compatibility with the control system
  • Meeting all the requirements set by the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways
  • Replacement of traditional sodium lamps for which the original project was made with equivalent LED luminaires
  • Quick implementation

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