Suitable lighting of a pedestrian crossing is an important element of road infrastructure, serving both pedestrians and drivers. This part of the road is one of the most dangerous places, where almost twenty thousand accidents happen in Poland each year. That is why the goal for the authorities of Dąbrowa Górnicza was to improve pedestrian safety. Several spots in the town were given active pedestrian crossings – composite lighting columns equipped with modern LED street lights.

Project video

See a video prepared by out lighting market Manager – Marcin Oleszowski

Benefits for the city:

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Improved pedestrian safety on pedestrian crossings

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Lighting aligned with the applicable standards

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5-year warranty for luminaires

Modern luminaires illuminate the crossing, but also the approach to the crossing, which is the surrounding zone. This makes the driver see the entire, broad crossing in a very good light.

Jarosław Schabowski
Alumast S.A.

More pedestrian safety thanks to the new crossing lighting

Pedestrian crossings are definitely areas with the highest threat for road users. In order to improve pedestrian safety, warning systems are used, consisting of sound and light signals. The collaboration with Alumast, a composite column manufacturer, brought a few active pedestrian crossings to Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Active pedestrian crossing – the applied solutions

The designed lighting in pedestrian crossings had to meet the guidelines from GDDKiA and the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Road areas near crossings were provided with masts, on which LED lightingwas provided. The project used Cordoba LED luminaires with dedicated optics. Also, pedestrian road crossings were provided with safety elements, i.e. road sign lights, warning signalling, curtain motion sensors and a speaker.

What were the benefits provided by the intelligent pedestrian identification system?

  • increased focus among pedestrians thanks to the sound signals used,
  • better pedestrian visibility while on the crossing and in its surroundings due to the higher light intensity and adjusted colour temperature,
  • decrease in the number of accidents with pedestrians thanks to the light warning signals used,
  • reduced electrical energy used for providing additional lights on the crossing,
  • 5-year warranty for luminaires.

We use specialised solutions with additional optics, which according to the latest standards and guidelines provide additional lights on the sides and the vertical silhouette of a pedestrian crossing the road.

Marcin Oleszowski
Street Lighting Market Manager

Intelligent crossings mean safety and savings

How it works This type of intelligent pedestrian crossing uses a movement sensor to detect persons who approach the crossing. Warning lights are activated then, making the drivers pay special attention to this section of the road. The speaker, on the other hand, sounds a message, which is of special importance for the blind.

LED lighting for pedestrian crossings with the active warning system offers tangible benefits. Most of all, it includes increased safety on busy roads, determined by the lower number of accidents while saving the energy consumed.

Are you also in favour of safe and modern lighting for road areas? Do you want to learn what savings you can make by upgrading the lighting to luminaires working in LED technology? Contact us! We will conduct a free audit and propose the best solution for you.

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