What are the major challenges and needs for showrooms planning to purchase lighting? Find out more about the case study of our customer KOMFORT HOME. The shop, located in Komorniki, was fitted with modern and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Project video

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What benefits did the cooperation with Luxon LED have?

zakup lamp w hurtowni czy od producenta oświetlenia

Adequate display of aisles and products

Just-in-time delivery of products

Reduced electricity consumption

At the beginning there was a challenge, or even two

We have illuminated KOMFORT shops since 2018, but this project in Komorniki was special because it was completed for the new flagship format of the KOMFORT HOME shop chain. The challenge the customer set was to illuminate the shop well, including displays and products using energy-efficient LED luminaires. It was also important that the service was delivered on time and in sync with the customer’s finishing work schedule. See how our project was implemented step by step.

LED lighting for a shop – what the cooperation looked like

We started our cooperation with KOMFORT HOME in Komorniki by contacting the design office, which was responsible for the entire concept of the shop. We decided to take this step in order to select the best possible lighting solutions. Together with the investor’s designers, we created a plan for general and emergency lighting, displays, aisles, signs and banners, i.e. comprehensive lighting for the entire shop. During the project preparation, we offered the LED luminaires that together achieve the best energy efficiency for the product, taking into account the available intensity.

We presented solutions that could give optimal illumination to the retail space in the shop. We took into account the customer’s product range in particular. We opted for LEDs with a high colour rendering index in order to best display the goods in the shop. Note that most of the product range sold by KOMFORT HOME (e.g. carpets, rugs), as well as black walls and ceilings, absorb light. We have taken this into account when determining the appropriate reflectance and light intensity in the shop. For more on the correct choice of lighting for the products on display in the shop, read the article “How to illuminate a shop display“.

When designing a lighting system for commercial premises, we always pay particular attention to the photometric shape, which depends on the optics of the luminaires and the mounting angles of the LED lamps. Luminaires made using this technology offer a much greater flexibility in terms adaptation to the tasks at hand and help to achieve significant savings on electricity costs. As a result, customers receive the effect of perfectly tailored lighting with a significant reduction in cost. In addition, KOMFORT HOME asked for warm-coloured light, which is reminiscent of the conditions in our homes and creates a cosy atmosphere conducive to successful shopping.

We have decided to work with Luxon because of the end-to-end service, which included concept, design and tailoring of the luminaires to our requirements, and just-in-time delivery. Deliveries that were properly coordinated with the shop’s process/plan. The high efficiency of the luminaires allowed us to adequately illuminate the display with the lowest possible energy consumption of the lighting system. Adequate presentation of our product range and full service support for the lighting installed in the facility is therefore possible.

case study KOMFORT HOME w Komornikach

Małgorzata Sienkiewicz
KOMFORT, Regional Director

Shop lighting – the advantages of luminaires

Why should you work with us when planning shop lighting? With the right lighting solutions and LED luminaires we:

☑ positively influence your customers’ purchasing decisions,

☑ improve your employees’ working comfort,

☑ reduce electricity consumption and ensure lower electricity bills,

☑ ensure safety in accordance with health and safety standards.

The results of our cooperation with the KOMFORT HOME shop

Once the concept was prepared and accepted by the investor, we moved on to completing the service, i.e. manufacturing the appropriately selected LED luminaires. In total, we supplied 542 luminaires for internal and external lighting, which were located in places such as:

  • showroom,
  • door presentation area,
  • warehouse,
  • staff areas,
  • car park and outdoor area.

The shop was mainly equipped with products from the Lumiline LED family for use in both large-area shops and high-storage warehouses. The luminaire was additionally equipped with special optics tailored to the type of product on offer. We chose a linear luminaire because of its high efficiency and uniform light distribution, which allows for uniform illumination of all display elements.

We also decided to use our modern Trunking LED luminaire in a special edition, which made it possible to illuminate the banner placed at the entrance to the Megastore brilliantly. What’s more, we installed it in close proximity to the ground so that the light falls on it from below. Note that this was one of the first applications of this luminaire without a rail, as a full, stand-alone lamp, which is a big step forward in our innovative solutions. The customer’s challenges, and in this case too, inspired us to refine our product and show it in a previously unknown version.

In addition, we installed a range of luminaires from the Tracklight LED family. These are dedicated to retail and exhibition facilities. They allow the angle of incidence of light to be adjusted in two axes and allow for precise illumination of the chosen space. They are ideal for highlighting premium brands, emphasising specific display details or making sales areas more visible.

The car park and outdoor area are equipped with Skylight LED and Cordoba luminaires, whose high luminous flux and resistance to weather conditions guarantee long-term use. In addition, their dynamic design and ease of installation are also worth noting. Our luminaires ideally responded to the customer’s challenges of adequate intensity, colour reproduction and a shopper-friendly atmosphere to influence purchasing decisions.

The delivery of all luminaires was properly coordinated with the process of creating the entire showroom. We also provided full service support for the investor’s lighting system, which was provided by our service department in the form of inspections and on-site repairs. This way, the customer does not have to bother about looking for another service company if there is a breakdown or the need to replace the luminaires.

The effects of our cooperation with Luxon, which we notice on a daily basis, include an adequate colour rendering index and light intensity in the shop, which ensures the comfort of employees and customers. The result is that, despite being in the showroom all day, the staff do not experience eye strain or unpleasant glare. The shop’s customers also appreciate the fact that the display is very well lit and reflects the true colours of the products to a high degree, which is particularly important when choosing carpets or panels for a home.

case study KOMFORT HOME w Komornikach - opinie

Agnieszka Antoszczyszyn-Staszczuk
KOMFORT HOME Shop Manager in Komorniki

What benefits has the shop gained from the system of LED luminaires?

KOMFORT HOME in Komorniki benefited from:

  • A comprehensive service consisting of the concept, design and products tailored to the request for quotation and ongoing maintenance,
  • Just In Time deliveries that were coordinated with the shop creation process,
  • Energy-efficient lighting to adequately illuminate the shop’s displays, using as little energy as possible,
  • High colour rendering index to show merchandise in an attractive way,
  • A choice of light that not only displays the products well, but also reflects the atmosphere in the customers’ homes,
  • Comfortable conditions for employees and avoidance of unpleasant glare,
  • 5-year warranty on LED luminaires and service care provided on site.

The effects of our work at KOMFORT HOME in Komorniki further prove that we are a trusted and reliable partner in the provision of lighting solutions.

Paweł Oleksiewicz
Sales Manager at Luxon

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