When it comes to LED lighting, wireless shop floor control is a cost-saving feature. However, this is not the only advantage of using this type of solution. In this article you will find out:

  • what the benefits of investing in wireless lighting control are
  • what devices are used to build such a system

Facility retrofits and lighting intensity control options

Many businesses are wondering why it is worth implementing a wireless control system in a production hall. Replacing light sources alone, especially with those based on LED technology, is a way to reduce electricity consumption. However, in order to effectively manage LED lamps, and thus further minimise building maintenance costs, it is worth investing in a DALI or Casambi system. This type of lighting upgrade allows for the control of light intensity.

jak sterować oświetleniem przez wifi

Benefits of installing a wireless lighting control system

Energy saving is not the only advantage of investing in a wireless control system in a production hall. With this type of system, it is easy to upgrade the lighting and also to control it from anywhere. Moreover, in the case of a wireless system:

  • no additional wiring is necessary,
  • the installation is much faster,
  • luminaires can be replaced 1:1.

That is why it is worth considering investing in LED lighting, controlled with a digital signal and enabling it to communicate with other devices.

zdalne sterowanie oświetleniem przez internet

Why choose a wireless control system in a production hall?

What devices can be used to control lighting?

Industrial halls, including production halls or warehouses, usually have a large area. There are various workstations and spaces where employees do not work all the time. This is why it pays to provide light sources with presence and movement detectors that process the above data and control the light intensity with the so-called dimming option. Moreover, to make hall lighting energy efficient it can be equipped with a daylight sensor. This allows the power of the luminaires to be controlled based on the amount of incoming sunlight.

zdalne sterowanie oświetleniem wifi
dlaczego warto wybrać bezprzewodowy system sterowania w hali produkcyjnej

The wireless control is based on the main bus controller, the hub. It enables network conectivity of the entire control system. In this way, lighting control can be done from anywhere, from any place on the planet.

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