When designing warehouse lighting,the relevant standards and requirements must be taken into account. They define the individual parameters of light sources. And all this to minimise the electricity consumption and increase the comfort and productivity of employees.

In this article we have compiled:

  • regulations for warehouse lighting
  • requirements for LED industrial lamps

Warehouse lighting – standards and other regulations

Fitting a warehouse with new light sources or upgrading the lighting is always a challenge for designers. Each project must at least comply with the conditions set out in the relevant standards. This also applies to warehouse lighting. The most common choice is therefore LED lighting which, in existing systems, brings a significant reduction in energy consumption. thanks to the parameters and functionalities of LEDs, it is possible to meet the fundamental requirement for work safety in industrial facilities.

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Regulation on the general health and safety at work and lighting in warehouses

The main task of the employer is to ensure appropriate conditions for employees in the work areas. Therefore, providing hall lighting is the responsibility of the companies. For this purpose the Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy on the general rules of occupational safety and health has been created.

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Lighting intensity at workstations set out in the PN-EN 12464 1 standard

Even before the design begins, the question to be asked is: what standards must warehouse lighting meet? The values of the basic parameters set out in the European standard PN-EN 12464-1 can be used for certain types of industrial activity. Applying these definitely improve the safety of workplaces and the visual efficiency of their users.

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The lighting of workplaces is influenced by its intensity and light distribution. These parameters allow perfect visibility to be maintained in the working space. For example, the average illuminance should be

  • a min. of 100 lx on floor surfaces in warehouses and stores,
  • a min. of 200 lx on shelving surfaces,
  • a min. of 300 lx in packaging and dispatch areas.
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As can be seen, the greater the concentration and precision required for work in these areas, the higher the value of this parameter should be.

On the other hand, the proper colour of the light, including a high colour rendering index (Ra) and tailored light directivity, as well as the glare index, are intended to avoid fatigue to the the employees’ eyes. This is why it is worth investing in light sources that are tailored to the individual requirements of the workplace and that allow the light levels to be regulated.

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Emergency lighting in the warehouse

Warehouse lighting must ensure the safety of people in the building, even in the event of a power failure. For this purpose, the guidelines for the design of emergency lighting in EN 1838 should be used.

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Warehouse lighting – requirements for LED luminaires

w jaki sposób sprawdzić wiarygodność producenta lamp

LED luminaires in production facilities should provide professional lighting. What does this mean? The fact that LED lamps consume less energy is undeniable. In addition, they should be resistant to mechanical damage, and be adapted to the needs of the work performed at various workstations of the warehouse hall.

Industrial LED luminaires can also be equipped with advanced control solutions. Then, the lighting intensity can be controlled automatically, through a system with daylight sensors measuring the intensity of incoming light, and luminaires with motion sensors.

Luxon offers industrial luminaires dedicated to warehouses. Contact us – we will help you choose warehouse lighting suited to your facility.

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