The search for luminaires usually begins with the question: where to buy lamps? There are quite a few solutions. You can buy them from a regular shop, by contacting a sales representative or via an online shop. It is hard to determine at first glance which solution is best. In this article, we will show you where it is best to buy LED lighting.

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Ceiling lamps, pendant lamps, outdoor lighting – from the manufacturer

LED lamps represent the modern lighting solution. They can be adapted to any interior and space. Therefore, manufacturers usually have a variety of types of luminaires in their range.

Buying directly from the manufacturer allows you to tailor the functionality to your individual needs. The lighting can be fitted, among other things with a control system that will adjust the performance of a particular luminaire in a predetermined way. An example is the use of a timer program. This way, you get lighting that suits every interior or area.

Online shop, luminaires from a wholesaler or purchase from a sales representative?

Energy-efficient LED lighting is available from many sales points. Each of them has its own advantages and limitations. Therefore, you should consider which is the most suitable choice. Lamps from a wholesaler or lighting manufacturer, or perhaps from an online shop?

zakup lamp w hurtowni czy od producenta oświetlenia

The product path

Depending on who you buy the product from, it will come from a different path. An online shop has the advantage of the prices quoted by the vendor. However, note that the product has moved from the hands of the manufacturer, to the distributor, to the wholesaler and only then found its way to a particular location.

gdzie lepiej kupić lampy w hurtowni czy od producenta oświetlenia

This journey is shorter when buying luminaires from a wholesaler. Another strength of the wholesale purchase is that the product is available from stock. However, no customisation is possible. Should you need this, the best solution is to place an order with the manufacturer. By doing so, you may avoid looking for a paricular LED lamp with the desired specifications, and the manufacturer can offer you the right luminaire to suit your needs.

gdzie szybko kupić lampy


Buying from a wholesaler may also cause trouble when it comes to complaints or servicing the LED lighting system. Every complaint is handled by the manufacturer anyway, so buying lamps from reputable manufacturers results in a faster response time in case of failures and to perform a repair.

zakup lamp w hurtowni czy u producenta oświetlenia

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