The upgrade of the lighting on the motorway is a project that has a positive impact on the safety of users. To this end, and with a view to reducing operating cost, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Opole opted for new LED luminaires. It is one of the first branches to decide to upgrade the lighting on all the motorway sections it manages.

In cooperation with ZABERD, we have equipped a section of the A4 motorway in Opole Voivodeship with new LED lighting. Cooperation with a partner that comprehensively deals with the maintenance and construction of road infrastructure has resulted in the upgrade of LED luminaires and increased safety on a motorway with a high accident rate.

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Benefits of retrofitting LED lighting on the motorway

Reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

Ikona 5 lat gwarancji na oświetlenie - Luxon LED

5-year warranty
for luminaires

typy lamp do stanowiska sprzedażowego

Reduction of energy cost for lighting

Thanks to the lighting upgrade, we have reduced the energy consumed at each motorway junction by at least three times.

Marcin Oleszowski -

Marcin Oleszowski
Market Manager for Street Lighting
Luxon LED

Improved visibility on the road and at major junctions through LED lighting

The longest and busiest motorway in Poland is the A4. Because of that a significant number of accidents occur on it every year. In 2021, as many as 34 people died and more than 200 were injured. This is unfortunately a tragic record, considering the accident rate on other motorways.

On behalf of the Opole Regional Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA Opole), together with ZABERD we upgraded the street lighting with LED lights. The change of light sources resulted in a number of benefits, including:

  • improved visibility on the road and in its areas and hot spots,
  • increased comfort and safety for road users through appropriate light uniformity and intensity,
  • reduced energy consumption for lighting,
    reduced maintenance cost associated with the failure-free operation of LED lamps,
  • guaranteed maintenance-free operation of the luminaires used and minimised operating cost.

Benefits of cooperation with Luxon LED vs. street lighting

We have successfully upgraded street lighting on more than one occasion. This was also appreciated by ZABERD, for whom we were on the Opole section of the A4 motorway. We were invited to cooperate, thanks to meeting the requirements of GDDKiA regarding LED lighting, references and the price of our luminaires and services.

Challenges and solutions applied during the upgrade of lighting on the A4 motorway

The number of light points along the entire distance of express roads and motorways is considerable. They are most concentrated in areas where there are intersections with other roads or parking areas and MOPs (Motorist Service Areas). This is associated with an increased risk of accidents. It is therefore particularly important to increase the intensity and uniformity of lighting in these areas and to comply with the design guidelines of GDDKiA.

In upgrading the lighting on the Opole section of the motorway, we faced several challenges. At first, we took note of the condition of the existing lighting infrastructure. The conclusions from the audit convinced us to use the existing poles and replace the luminaires 1:1. The Cordoba luminaires with LED technology proved successful for this purpose.

The traffic during installation in this type of lighting upgrade is an additional difficulty. ZABERD therefore paid particular attention to the safety of the travellers as well as the working conditions of the fitters. The installation of the LED street luminaires was carried out following a pre-determined installation plan and with great care.

What benefits did the upgrade to LED lighting bring?

On the Opole section of the A4 motorway, one of the busiest roads in Poland, the investment in new lighting has had a number of benefits:

  • more comfortable lighting that increases driver safety,
  • increased reliability of the system,
  • reduced energy cost for lighting,
  • reduced CO2 emissions into the atmosphere through lower power consumption,
  • reduced maintenance cost,
  • 5-year warranty on luminaires.

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