Sustainability, high product quality, professional customer service and a wide range of products are the hallmarks of Gebhardt-Stahl Polska, a company that offers special reinforcing profiles for PVC doors and windows as well as ventilation components. Steel processing on such a large scale, where approximately 25,000 tonnes of steel are processed each year, requires a large storage space. This calls for energy-efficient, high-quality light sources that are adapted to the prevailing conditions.

A comprehensive solution combining the generation of electricity with the company’s own photovoltaic power plant and installation of modern LED luminaires to increase comfort at workstations were the investor’s main objectives from the outset. Moreover, our objective was to reduce the energy consumption for lighting at the production and storage hall along with a quick return on the investment.

Project video

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Using our services and products, the investor benefits from:

80% reduction in electricity consumed annually for lighting

8-year warranty for the use of luminaires

Total return on investment in 3 years

We attach great importance to product quality, durability and professional service. For this reason, we chose Luxon LED. By replacing the luminaires we managed to save around 80% of the energy used for lignting.

Marcin Maruszczak
Gebhardt-Stahl Polska

Compare the effect before and after – move the line in the middle of the photo

Challenges during the retrofitting of lighting and installation of PV systems

Increasing the average light intensity at workstations while maximising energy savings from the electricity grid.

Steel processing requires adequate lighting. In Gebhardt-Stahl’s storage and production hall, due to the nature of the work, the light sources are located at a considerable height. Furthermore, the stored material significantly impeded access to the luminaires, which we discovered as early as during the audit. The required outcome of the retrofit was to increase the lighting intensity at workstations while reducing electricity consumption. However, the installation of a lighting system could not affect the production process in the company. In addition to that, the entire project was to contribute to a reduction in power consumption from the grid.

Comprehensive approach and modern solutions

Intelligent control and power reduction to save electricity

Lighting large industrial facilities in a way that ensures employee comfort is often associated with high costs. This requires high-quality light sources with appropriate intensity. With this in mind, we used Industrial 6.0 luminaires with high-efficiency LEDs to illuminate the workstations.

In the remaining part of the production and storage hall we installed Highbaylights with an 8-year warranty. This has resulted in a substantial improvement in the facility’s light levels,which have doubled compared to the original fluorescent lighting.

To maximise energy savings, we used lighting control in the hall based on the DALI protocol. That made it possible to make optimal use of daylight and to adjust the lighting scenarios according to the time of day by automatic brightness control of the led luminaires.

Compare the effect before and after – move the line in the middle of the photo

Solar cells used with sustainability in mind

Our proposed energy package also included the design and completion of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the building. Its size was selected taking into account the power consumed and the structural capabilities of the building. With its own “green power plant”, the company will reduce electricity consumption from the grid.

Customer benefits:

  • Significant improvement in the comfort of employees at work
  • Comprehensive project management for retrofitting of lighting and PV systems
  • Reduction of electricity consumption for lighting by approximately 80%
  • 8-year warranty for luminaires
  • Return on investment in 3 years
  • Reduction of the company dependency on electricity price increases
  • Maintenance-free and automatic lighting of workplaces

Installation of luminaires was carried out in cooperation with EMI. The retrofitting of lighting was carried out “on the move”, i.e. without interrrupting Gebhardt’s production operations.

Hubert Świtała
Key Account Manager

Implementation summary

We have equipped the facility with a 50 kWp photovoltaic system. The modules were placed on the roof of the building. They generate ca. 50,000 kWh of energy per year.

Moreover, we upgraded the lighting in the facility to energy-efficient LEDs. To this end, we used a total of 127 luminaires equipped with a smart control system. We used products from the Highbay, Industrial 6.0 and Skylight 4.0 ranges.

The new lighting and control system saves nearly 80% of the electricity used. Moreover, the individual PV system provides electricity coverage for the lighting of the production and storage hall.

Reduction in electricity consumed annually for lighting

80% annual electricity savings

CO2 emissions

Reduction of CO2 emissions by 80%

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