Company development is a continuous process of identifying areas for improvement. These include increasing employee comfort, or introducing new products, but also maintaining production processes at a high level. This is achieved through the use of appropriate schemes. These in turn can be verified by independent certification bodies. One of them is VDE, one of the largest organisations of this kind in Europe. Their certificates are recognised worldwide and prove the highest standards of safety and customer protection.

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Monitoring of certified products

Having products with the VDE mark does not mean the constant monitoring of their production. However, it is important to us that the luminaires we offer are always of the highest quality. To this end, we have applied for additional tests of the production process. As a result, we obtained the VDE FACILITY CERTIFICATE based on the European PD ECS CIG 021-024: 2020 requirements.

What was covered by the audit?

The audit process consisted of several stages. They covered the production area in detail, focusing on individual luminaire components, and in general, paying attention to how these processes are managed.

The first part of the audit was to verify the purchased components and materials. It is essential that the components that make up the luminaire are of a high quality. If one of the components turns out to be defective, it has to be identified. We keep a close eye on this, as its quality is particularly important for the safe use of the luminaires.

The production process was then checked by an accredited body. It has to be in line with the applicable standards. The entrepreneur is obliged to present a specification for each product and each product should have a certificate of conformity. Meanwhile, the final product with particular characteristics must always be identical. This stage is related to the repeatability of the production process.

The third phase of the audit consisted of an inspection of product testing. Some of the production stages should include product safety testing. They should be inspected in the manner specified in the standards and using the appropriately calibrated equipment (according to ISO 17025). Moreover, if this process reveals any product defects further corrective actions should be taken according to previously established procedures.

The inspection also involved checking that finished luminaires as well as their components are stored in an appropriate manner. Care must be taken to store products in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

The final point was to verify how complaints are processed.

It was important to archive data from all of the above stages, i.e. from the verification of components, the production process and the complaint handling. This makes it possible to check and analyse these aspects at a later stage. This stage testifies to the maturity of the company and its continuous improvement.

Each of the above-mentioned stages of the inspection carried out by the VDE auditor was included in a summary report.


Also important for the certification body was the management of the production process. In this case, the key factor was the Quality Management SystemISO 9001 certificate based on the ISO 9001 standard, which we have had for several years now.

Benefits from the recommendation

We went in for the certification because we wanted to prove the quality of our products and its manufacturing process. Thanks to the positive assessment of the VDE organisation, we are sure that the luminaires we offer to our customers:

  • meet safety requirements,
  • are made of high quality components,
  • are manufactured in appropriate conditions,
  • and are properly tested.

This in turn ensures their reliability. We strive to ensure that the luminaires we offer are manufactured to the highest standards.


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