In 2017, in Poland 32760 traffic accidents were reported. Proper road, crossroads and zebra crossing lightning could decrease the number of these tragic situations. Cordoba and Toledo were created for the improvement of safety of both the drviers and the pedestrians. Thanks to the usage of the most modern components, these light fittings are characterized by optimal light intensity and distribution.

What is ENEC certification?

Cordoba:LED was granted the European Certificate ENEC to confirm its high quality and full product safety. The fitting is equipped with ceramic diodes of the effectiveness of ≥ 170 lm/W. The certified version has the functions of Dali i Astro DIM. They regulate the intensiveness of the light during the day and at night without the need of using control devices: at specified times an intelligent adapter automatically modifies the beam of light to the set level.

High efficiency of the fitting and the luminous flux (up to 13300 lm in the Basic version and 13150 in the ENEC version) lets reduce the amount of fittings in the project and save energy costs. The level of protection of IP66 guarantees resistance to water and dust, thanks to which there is no need of service works.

A built-in NTC termic protection, both in the Basic and ENEC versions, protects the fitting from overheating. In case of too high temperature in the surroundings, NTC decreases the power of the fittings and protects the LED module and the adapter. Very important is also the counter-electormotive protection: 6 kV (Basic) and 10 kV (ENEC). This is the protection of the majority of fittings in case of power surges.

The safety of use and high quality of street lighting was confirmed by ENEC certificate.

Miniatura zdjęcia Patryka Głowackiego - Luxon LED

Patryk Głowacki
Director R&D in Luxon LED

Both Cordoba:LED and Toledo:LED are characterized by the outter surface of the case: smooth and with invisible radiator`s ribs. This prevents dirt attraction and eliminates the risk of complications due to overheating.

Aluminium fixing handle can be regulated in every direction. The fixing method is universal – the fitting can be mounted directly to a light pole or with the use of an arm. It makes the fixing faster and with less resources. A blokade prevents self-closing of the fitting while assemble and maintanance works, which makes the fixing safe and made by one person, without any tools.

The use of branded adapters makes the lifespan of the fittings up to 100000 hours. Low failure frequency together with efficient guarantee service let decrese exploitation costs. Thanks to the power ratio of >95, the fittings generate low passive power, which can be also translated into thriftiness and faster return on investment.

Cordoba:LED is perfect for as the lighting for municipal, provincial and national roads, including zebra crossings.

Toledo:LED is the type of lightning dedicated to each kind of national or express roads and motorways. Specially designed lens will also work to illuminate broad areas of big height and distance

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