Industrial halls are very demanding in terms of the choice of lighting. The variety of workstations or differing building heights are not the only challenges a luminaire supplier has to face. In case of production halls, the parameters of particular attention include light intensity and light colour.

jaka barwa światła na hali produkcyjnej

Light colour is a distinguishing feature of luminaires.

Both, light intensity and colour temperature are crucial for how the area is perceived. With the right light intensity we see objects sharp enough, while the colour of light affects the comfort and productivity.

barwa światła na hali produkcyjnej

The distinguishing feature of any luminaire is its light colour. It is defined by colour temperature expressedin Kelvins (K). The visual effect it causes can also be attributed to this value. There are three main light colours: warm, neutral and cool light. Each of these is defined by a different colour temperature range.

jak wybrać prawidłową barwę światła na halę produkcyjną

How can the colour of light on the production floor affect the employees?

When choosing the colour of light for a lighting system, it is important to take into account its significant impact on the human body. The colour of light can be beneficial to the productivity and well-being. Warm light is not conducive to concentration, but is ideal for places of relaxation. Cool light, on the other hand, results in a clear increase in the concentration of the employees. Like cool light, the neutral light colour stimulates the body to work efficiently.

Modernizacja oświetlenia w hali Arix - producenta środków czystości

What is the best choice of light colour for a production hall?

There is no clear answer to this question. When designing a LED lighting system for a shop floor, the colour of light should be chosen depending on the needs and nature of the workplaces.

lichtfarbe in der produktionshalle

For general lighting, the recommended colour temperature is neutral with a value of about 4000 K. Since it is close to natural daylight, it is most universal and suitable for most production tasks.

jaka barwa światła led na hali produkcyjnej

So what colour of LED light is recommended forworkstation lighting on the production floor? People working in such places usually perform manual work, so their visual performance must be high. Consequently, the colour temperature range between 4500 K and 5000 K will be most appropriate.

There are exceptions to the above recommendations. You should first of all take into account the nature of a given workplace and internal organisation guidelines, which usually define this parameter.

Not sure what colour temperature to choose for your facilities and workstations? Our designers will find the light specifications appropriate to the tasks performed in a given place.

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