BROEN is one of the leading manufacturers of valves and technologies controlling the water, gas, air, fuel and oil flows. The company is present on the market for more than 70 years, delivering solutions for heating and home installations. The BROEN brand is recognizable in Europe, USA, Russia, and China. The main areas of the general and emergency lighting upgrade involved the production, warehouse, and parts of the office spaces. A polish manufacturer the company Hybryd, aided us at the design stage and delivering the emergency fixtures for the whole investment.

What did Broen gain through the lighting upgrade?

Ikona zwrotu z inwestycji po 1,5 roku - Luxon LED

Return on investment after modernization

Znaczek oszczędności na inwestycji w oświeltenie 68000 PLN - Luxon LED

68 000 PLN(15 800€) savings a year

Ikona 5 lat gwarancji na oświetlenie - Luxon LED

60 months warranty

Prerequisites and needs?

Heavy industry – how to evenly illuminate a production area?

The main challenge, posted by the customer, was to adjust the design of the production floor to the pre-existing cable layout. We were prohibited from making any changes or adding new montage points. Difficult working
conditions are present in the manufacturing area of the facility – ongoing welding and metalworks actions generate intense amounts of pollution in the form of oil and dust mists. The key task was to illuminate the workspaces, to increase the safety conditions and minimalize potential accidents risks. The fixtures should
provide resistance against dust and negative environmental effects.

We decided to work with LuxonLED mainly due to the good reputation of the company on the lighting market and the high quality of the offered products.

Konrad Kaczyński
Maintenance specialist

The solution

Fixtures dedicated for heavy working conditions

After a detailed analysis and taking into account the services provided by the facility as well as the costs and energy efficiency, we chose Ultima:LED as the optimal solution. They are industrial luminaires with excellent light parameter (efficiency at 140 lm / W). The aluminum housing ensures better heat dissipation, and the special
power system allows operation at elevated temperatures. The construction and materials, used in the manufacturing process of the Ultima:LED, offer protection against dust settling and provide easy cleaning maintenance. The mounting points were left unchanged – we precisely adjusted the new luminaires according
to them. This resulted in greatly reducing the installation costs. After finishing the upgrade at the production section, the customer decided to exchange the fixtures in the office spaces and communication pathways.

What did the Customer gain?

  • The upgrade lasted two weeks and was carried out during the plants working hours, which
    allowed to keep the production process smooth.

  • Mounting luminaires designed for industry environment ensures suitable light levels in the
    presence of dust and oil mists, minimizing risks and stoppages.

  • The ROI rate was 18 months and allows for savings up to 70% yearly.

  • Optimally illuminated workspaces, offices and communication pathways increase the security
    and comfort of the workplace.

Facility after modernization

The key task was to illuminate the workspaces, to increase the safety conditions and minimalize
potential accidents risks. The fixtures should provide resistance against dust and negative environmental effects

Miniatura zdjęcia Łukasza Grzyba - Luxon LED

Łukasz Grzyb

Key Account Manager LuxonLED

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