The office light systems must meet high requirements. This is not surprising, as most employees work at offices most of the time. Working on documents or in front of a display monitor is exceptionally exacting on human vision. How to choose a LED panel for office spaces to meet all requirements and improve the working comfort of personnel?

Characteristics of office lights

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When choosing light fixtures, remember that the work stations should have sufficient illumination. Those office spaces where working with computers is essential or where paper documents are processed, the illumination level should be 500 lx or higher. These levels are established in reference standards as the minimum illumination limits for work stations.

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An important performance parameter for office light fixtures is the colour of the light. A colour temperature too high will make employees sleepy. For office work, it is best to use lights with a colour temperature of 4000-5000 K. To do this, it is best to specify LED panels with customised colour temperature.

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The comfort of employees also relies on UGR. The value of glare index at <19 helps to avoid issues with uncomfortable glare and improves work safety. Thanks to this, a visual task that takes several hours is not challenging.

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Remember that office lights must have a low flicker. Only high-quality power adapters for LED panels can help to reduce current ripple and minimise flickering.

Oprawy biurowe Edge w biurowcu Goleniów, który przeszedł modernizację oświetlenia - Luxon LED

What office LED panel will be the best solution?

Office lights should provide uniform distribution of light and aesthetic design features. It is best to choose LED panels based on high-quality components. This will make the panels energy-efficient and last for a long time.

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Luxon provides lighting products dedicated for office spaces. The Edge LED and Backlight LED light fixtures are designed for working in comfort. As an option, they can be accessorised with DALI controls.

It is an extra advantage to have office LED panels with controls and brightness adjustment. This allows every employee to adjust their lights as they need. In turn, the performance of work tasks is improved.

jaki panel led wybrać do biura
Oprawy biurowe w biurowcu 3M - Luxon LED

Office illumination is key for efficient and comfortable working. There are many commercially available lighting products with a complete suite of parameters, and with a different quality.

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