Schumacher Packaging is one of the largest European manufacturers of corrugated and solid cardboard packaging. The company offers its solutions to market sectors such as foodstuffs, chemicals, cosmetics, logistics and broadly defined e-commerce. One of the foundations of the company’s operations is the activity for sustainable growth and corporate social responsibility. In its production process, Schumacher Packaging uses natural resources, which allows it to make products that can be processed and reused later. These and other activities taken by the company for the natural environment, local community and employees help create a friendly business environment. To this end, the company regularly introduces innovative solutions, one of which is upgrading the lighting and replacing light sources with modern LED lighting.

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Benefits of LED lighting used in the manufacturing hall

Ikona zwrotu z inwestycji po 1,5 roku - Luxon LED

The average return on investment is 1.5 year

Ikona systemu sterowania oświetleniem DALI - Luxon LED

Modern DALI control system

8-year warranty for luminaires

A comprehensive approach to the design was very important for us. They designed and delivered the entire conversion of our lighting and provided us with support at every stage of the project.

Tomasz Kroczak
Technical Department Manager
Schumacher Packaging

New LED lamps in manufacturing halls and warehouses – the goals of lighting upgrade

The character of activities for the benefit of the employees, the society and the climate was one of the reasons that encouraged Schumacher Packaging to replace the lighting with LED luminaires. Savings achieved through lower electricity consumption with an unmanned light intensity control system for workstations and traffic routes are the main assumptions of the upgrade. It improved the employees’ sense of security and comfort. The investor also wanted a long warranty term for the chosen lighting. Full support at every stage of the project and service after its completion were of great importance during the implementation.

A modern installation, being industrial LED lamps equipped with a control system

The manufacturing halls of Schumacher Packaging have varied working areas. The comprehensive lighting upgrade included each of them, meaning manufacturing halls, warehouses, and offices. In each of the above areas, it was required to deliver the works in a way that was the least invasive for the production process as possible and taking account of the needs of the employees present in the workstations. Therefore, at the beginning, we conducted a detailed audit, during which we collected all required data, and prepared the lighting design based on it. The concept and assembly took account of the existing installation, providing the investor with additional savings. Due to the size of the facility, the upgrade was split into 3 stages.

One of the areas included in the design was the manufacturing halls. In the areas where corrugated and solid cardboard packaging is manufactured, there are high temperatures, from 35°C to as much as 50°C.. In such places, we had to use aluminium luminaires resistant to that factor, including their maintenance for the period of the next 8 years. Further spaces where we used the new LED lighting were warehouses and the staff/technology parts located near the halls.

The investor wanted to reduce the electricity costs while managing the lamps in a flexible way. Another of the assumptions was to provide higher light intensity on workstations. That is why we designed a lighting control system equipped with sensors for daylight entering the spaces, and we divided the entire area into zones. This was to improve the flexibility and optimise how the installation operated.

Lighting for the external area surrounding the company as another aspect of modernising the lighting.

Another element of the project was to provide lighting for the areas surrounding the company. The lighting for the external areas of Schumacher Packaging used luminaires placed on posts and facade illumination.

The new LED lighting for the manufacturing hall and warehouses means:

  • Average return on investment at 1.5 years,
  • Almost two-fold increase in light intensity,
  • Average savings of PLN 125,000 per year,
  • 8-year warranty for luminaires and 5-year warranty for the control system,
  • a modern DALI control system,
  • delivery of the assumed goals in line with the idea of sustainable development,

The comprehensive upgrade allowed Schumacher Packaging to achieve their sustainability goals and therefore continue on keeping high standards for the employees, society and the climate.

Jakub Kuberka
Business Development Director
Luxon LED

Investment summary

We installed over 800 LED luminaires as part of the project. The upgrade involved installing industrial-type lamps Ultima HPT and Industrial, office lamps Baten, Downlight, Backlight and over 40 external lighting Cordoba luminaires.

Correct lighting for workstations in industrial facilities provides benefits related to the safety, comfort and efficiency of employees. Investors who use LED lighting technology in their companies also gain significant savings. Want to learn how much you can save on a lighting upgrade? Contact us, and we will conduct a free audit for you!

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