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Edge LED
For high work comfort
in office.


Office luminaires

Edge LED

means high comfort of use.

The recessed version of Edge:LED is designed for mounting in modular suspended ceilings. It is also available in suspended, surface and plasterboard versions.


It is characterized by excellent uniformity of light and low glare.

Product Available in multiple configurations

Edge technical drawing
Low UGR means high comfort of use.
Easy and universal assembly.
High aesthetics of the luminaire
Very low glare rating for comfortable use.
Office, Commercial buildings, Social rooms, Public facilities, Communication routes
Technology and Certifications


Large retail space is an additional challenge for lighting designers.

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“We appreciate the flexibility and the possibility of adjusting the offer to the client. The luminaires used in the showroom illuminate both its space and the interior of the cars.”


Jarosław Kasprzyk,
Director at Toyota Nowakowski
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Improving work comfort
in office – EDGE

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Edge:LED is a is a ceiling LED panel with edge-mounted LEDs. Thanks to this, you get lighting uniformity, without visible LED points. Low UGR allows you to avoid the effect of glare, which causes discomfort.

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New lighting system using wireless control system – our project for Safran Transmission Systems

Skanska Company, the general contractor who created new buildings for Safran, asked us to work with them to select the appropriate lighting system for the new object built next to the existing production hall. After successful collaboration with Skanska company, we received a direct query from Safran, who asked us to modernize their existing lighting systems in older buildings. We carried out an audit and created a solution that met the expectations of the owner of these specialized production halls.

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modernizacja oświetlenia w branży lotniczej

Retrofitting indoor lighting in the aerospace industry

Aerospace is an industry sector which continues to grow and requires superio quality of manufactured components. This requires light sources adequate to the precision of the work processed on aerospace manufacturing work stations. LED light luminaires improve the safety and comfort of work operators while keeping energy consumption low.

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What is IoT? Read about our modern LED technology

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