The Education and Rehabilitation Center “Szansa” is a non-public educational institution, which provides educational and rehabilitation services for children, youths and adults with various degrees of disabilities. The new location of the center required designing and implementation of homogeneous lighting of all rooms. Professional physiotherapy rooms, therapeutic kindergarten, rehabilitation and speech clinics as well as child autism clinics require natural lighting that does not fatigue the eyes and provides comfortable conditions for children. We were asked to work on the lighting by architect Katarzyna Ogińska from the POPART design office, which was responsible for the design of the new building.


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Ikona 5 lat gwarancji na oświetlenie - Luxon LED

Lighting in accordance with applicable standards, with 5-year warranty

Ikona systemu sterowania oświetleniem DALI - Luxon LED

Intelligent lighting control system

Homogeneous illumination, Comfort in each room

Thanks to Edge luminaire it was possible to design child-friendly light with the system of light intensity regulation.

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Kamil Frątczak
Expert Key Account Manager


Providing convenient lighting conditions for the entire Education and Rehabilitation Center “Szansa”.

The newly created center is 2,500 square meters in size, with more than 70 different rooms. We were tasked with creating comfortable lighting with low failure rates and matching it to the current architectural design. In the former location, the Center had to deal with problems such as frequent lighting failures, high electricity consumption and the lack of consistent lighting, which was fatiguing to the eyes and not comfortable. The client expected solutions that should be durable, aesthetically pleasing and that ensure high comfort of the shared space and individual rooms. Suggested solutions needed to be energy efficient and failure-free.

The implementation process and opportunities

Customized solutions including the selection of LED luminaires with natural, homogeneous light tailored to the design of the building.

After analyzing the needs and challenges, we recommended specific luminaires to ensure the best possible illumination and homogeneity. We used Edge flush-mounted luminaires in the halls and clinics – they offer consistent lighting and low glare due to the construction of the luminaires. These luminaires are child-friendly due to the intensity control system. In the hallway and shared areas, we installed flush-mounted round luminaires of the Downlight type, which are extremely durable products with increased tightness. The designer proposed Ares light lines, whose linear construction ensures homogeneous lighting. The rooms were also equipped with emergency and evacuation lighting, the shared spaces were equipped with motion sensors. Over 450 luminaires in LED technology were used in total. Luxon provided full equipment for one of the rooms to support the center.

Design and installation of lighting in the new seat of the Center “Szansa” – Benefits for customer

Customer benefits:

  • Low lighting operating costs 
  • Homogeneous illumination
  • Natural light color 4000K
  • Comfort in each room
  • Light intensity control system
  • Motion sensors in shared areas and stairwells
  • Warranty for the luminaires

Implementation summary

We delivered 452 luminaires to the site

Thanks to Edge luminaire it was possible to design child-friendly light with the system of light intensity regulation.

These luminaires were used in corridors and common areas of the rooms. Downlight LED is characterised by its aesthetics, which blends in with any interior design. The luminous flux can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs.

These luminaires have been used at entrances and reception areas. Ares LED, thanks to its linear design, ensures uniform light distribution over the whole illuminated area.

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