BAT trading company is a retailer and wholesaller of building materials and home and garden equipment. Based in Pomerania, the construction retail chain has been present on the market for over 30 years. The product range includes materials that are essential at every stage of construction or renovation. BAT sp. z o.o. focuses on the care for the environment in its activities. Therefore, the company offers sustainable materials and products and aims at minimising energy consumption. With this in mind, the lighting in the shopping halls was upgraded to LEDs, and the new facilities were equipped with energy-efficient light sources.

Project video

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What benefits has the lighting replacement had?

Miniatura znaczka 2 razy większego natężenia światła - Luxon LED

Increase in the average light intensity levels

Znaczek oszczędności 50% - Luxon LED

Reduction of electricity consumption

Ikona 5 lat gwarancji na oświetlenie - Luxon LED

5-year warranty for the use of the luminaires

The use of Luxon LED lighting solutions has allowed us to significantly reduce our electricity bills by a total of several dozen percent per month.

Jarosław Hirsz
BAT Sp. z o.o.

LED lighting – benefits for employees, customers and owners

Changing over to LED lighting was dictated by a number of aspects. The key objective of upgrading the lighting system in the shopping halls was to increase the average light intensity. This directly improved the comfort of the users, in particular the customers and employees. At the same time, the investor wanted to reduce electricity consumption by the use of modern LED light lines.

Comprehensive upgrade of lighting and new LED luminaires – solutions applied

The quality of lighting is an important aspect for both, the customers and sales staff. The right amount of light to illuminate selected spaces and products as well as the specific parameters, such as glare factor and light intensity, are crucial to the comfort of the building occumpants. Important in this case is also the reliability of the lighting system in the facility and around it. It is therefore beneficial to upgrade the lighting to LEDs and install the appropriate luminaires.

To this end, we selected the Trunking LED light lines for the sales areas, and equipped the facilities with Lumiline LED lamps with outstanding efficiency. We used the existing cable lines for the upgrade project. As a result, the investor benefited from higher average illumination in the buildings and gained significant savings. Our activities included professional project preparation, installation of light sources and technical support during the implementation.

In addition, the car park at the new project site was provided with Cordoba LED street luminaires. In the office and technical areas, we additionally used Downlight LED, Industrial LED and Edge LED lamps.

Lighting retrofits and new LED luminaires from Luxon in facilities:

  • 2-fold increase of lighting intensity,
  • considerable reduction of electiricty consuption,
  • short time to return on investment,
  • 5-year luminaire warranty,
  • modern and sustainable light sources.

When designing the lighting, we used existing cable lines to reduce the cost of retrofitting and installing the LED luminaires.

Marcin Jóskowski
Key Account Manager

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