One of the methods that allow for reducing electricity consumption in industry or municipalities consist in using an intelligent lighting control system. With this solution, we are able to cut your expenses related to electricity and improve the comfort and safety at work.

Luxon System control

Gain savings. safety. comfort.

the level
of savings

Operation of the control system depending on the setup LED lighting lets our customers save 50% at a minimum.

Each variant of the control system allows for additional savings. The basic setup is based on sensors that adjust lighting in the given zones on the basis of the data collected.

Basic setup

It is based on sensors that adjust lighting in given zones in line with the data collected.

Motion and presence sensors

Light sensors

Advanced setup

Advanced setup enables individual control of each luminaire in the plant or full management of the building automation.

Motion and presence sensors

Light sensors

Controllers with individual addressing

Light control system

Six steps

“Owing to the intelligent lighting control, we have reduced energy consumption by 91%”

Roman Budny
Geberit Produkcja Sp. z o.o.

1. Audit

Audit lets us to collect necessary information on the scope of work to be performed.

2. Lighting design

Our designers are going to prepare lighting simulation in accordance with the standard.

3. Control design

We will prepare a control system that is most advantageous in economic terms (ROI).

4. Implementation

Installation of the system in the facility.

5. Start-up

Start-up and programming of the system.

6. Service

We guarantee service support throughout the whole period of use.

That is how Smart works.

Geberit Polska has saved over 91% on lighting owing to smart solutions.

Geberit is a company specialised in sanitary technology. Currently, it has 29 factories around the world and a network of warehouses, also located in Poland, in which we have installed new luminaires with intelligent control.

The graph shows energy consumption of the old luminaires compared to modern luminaires with a control system

Stare oprawy oświetleniowe - wynik

Old luminaires

Pobór energii z zastosowaniem protokołu DALI

Energy consumption reduced by approx. 91% owing to the motion and light detectors


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