The Municipal Road Authority in Legnica decided to have the lightning system on the Sudecka Street upgraded and was looking for a comprehensive contractor. The task included the exchange of light fittings on already existing light poles and the installation of a light control and management system integrated with the MTI (Motor Transport Institute) system. This is the system to manage traffic in urban areas. Together with Apanet, a company that designs and produces a light control and management system for intelligent lightning, we executed the order for the Municipal Road Authority in Legnica.

Lighting modernization of an important road in Legnica

Ikona 5 lat gwarancji na oświetlenie - Luxon LED

60 months warranty

Ikona oszczędności 70% - Luxon LED

70% lower energy consumption thanks to LED luminaires and the control system

Ikona znaczka bezpieczeństwa Luxon LED

Increased security thanks to the lighting of conflict zones


What type of light will meet the needs of an important part of road?

On the Sudecka Street, light poles are situated on one side of the street in long distances from each other. In order to light the road and the pavement appropriately, it was necessary to make use of light fittings of big light effectiveness and optics so that safety in such conflict zones as crossroads and zebra crossings is maintained. The requirements also included the conformity of the street light control 
and management system with the MTI (Motor Transport Institute) system. The interoperative control structure was implemented – its specification is available for all the interested ones. Its usage and further modification options are limitless. Both Luxon LED and Apanet had short deadlines. The project was supposed to be implemented in less than a month. The deadline was kept.

The lighting control system combined with the latest LuxonLED luminaires can save up to 70% of energy.

Zdjęcie Edyty Kolendowicz - Luxon LED

Edyta Kolendowicz
Commercial Director


High power lightning and open light control system

Within the order, we made photometric calculations and pointed to specific light fittings meeting the norms for lighning on this part of the Sudecka Street in Legnica. We changed the fittings on 55 light poles using energy – saving lamps Cordoba:LED 2.0 of the optics of 35° x 150°. We chose high power light, 94W, in order to increase visibility and safety on this part of the road, especially on zebra crossings and crossroads. In accordance with our business motto and the requirements by the ordering party, we chose warm colour temperature of 3000 K, which is gentle for the eyes and eco-friendly. 
Apanet installed an open light control system. The problem of the lack of direct connection between electric cabinets was solved thanks to wireless connection of some of the light fittings. They were equipped with NEMA Socket modules fixed in the fittings.

The City Roads Authority in Legnica, on the basis of a short offer inquiry, received a comprehensive product and did not have to take additional measures during the modernization

Zdjęcie Marcinn Olszewskiego - Key Account Manager rynku JST w firmie Luxon LED

Marcin Oleszowski

Key Account Manager 
Luxon LED

What did the commune gain?

Benefits of modernization

  • Improved visibility on the road due to equally lit road.

  • Increased safety in conflict zones as a result of high power light luminaries usage.

  • LED lightning saves costs of energy by 60-70%.

  • Interoperative street light control system integrated with MTI system.

  • Warm colour temperature for the health and comfort of the locals.

Road after modernization

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