Ski slopes, the cable car, hiking trails and bike routes are some of the many attractions located in the Sports and Recreation Centre “Dzikowiec” in Boguszów, Gorce mountains. These attractions need lighting, both in the winter and summer. Therefore, in order to increase the safety of visitors and reduce maintenance costs, it was necessary to replace the luminaires with modern LEDs.

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Replacing slope lighting – the benefits:

Ikona zwrotu z inwestycji 2 lata - Luxon LED

total return on investment in 2 years

Ikona znaczka bezpieczeństwa Luxon LED

Increased safety due to an increase in average light intensity

Ikona 5 lat gwarancji na oświetlenie - Luxon LED

5-year warranty for the use of the luminaires

Today, the awareness of the growing electricity cost has made us really think about replacing the lighting that was on our ski slope. We have just received the first invoice and we can actually see the reduced energy consumption, which is also seen on the meter readings.

Rafał Wiernicki
Director of OSIR in Boguszów-Gorce

Comprehensive upgrade of outdoor lighting

The illumination of the ski slope is intended to provide suitable conditions for year-round operation and for a wide range of sporting activities. The car park lighting was also replaced. The investor wanted the project to be completed quickly with the least possible disruption to the operation of the resort. Therefore, the entire process, including the installation of new LED luminaires, was carried out during the winter.

Challenges and solutions in illuminating the slope

Due to the nature of the slope, its steep gradient, and the continuous operation of the resort, the design and installation of the new LED light sources required an individual approach. It was also necessary to make use of the existing lighting poles and replace the luminaires 1:1. Therefore, the essential steps included a site visit, reviewing the local needs and working out an installation schedule.

In addition, the lighting concept had to be based on the PN-EN 12193 standard “Sports lighting”. The average light intensity in the illuminated area was ≥20 lx, while the lighting uniformity level, described by the ratio of minimum to average light intensity, was 0.2. The designers used Skylight LED VIII luminaires in the concept, which met the stringent requirements.

The benefits of the new LED lighting on the ski slope:

  • reduction of electricity consumption for lighting,
  • ROI of the project of less than 2 years,
  • increase in the average illuminance,
  • the use of user-friendly colour temperatures,
  • 5-year luminaire warranty,
  • a holistic approach: design, installation and commissioning.

Above all, it is about safety, but also comfort is important. Slope users appreciate the fact that we are in a place where they can also enjoy evening skiing.

Rafał Wiernicki
Director of OSIR in Boguszów-Gorce

Skylight LED

With Skylight LED luminaires, the visibility and safety on the slope has increased and the maintenance costs have been reduced.

Do you need new outdoor lighting? Are you thinking of replacing light sources in your company? Contact us! We will perform a comprehensive upgrade showing you all the benefits.

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