Specialist Medical Clinic at Borowska street: modern lighting in the facility

Illumination of treatment rooms in the clinic

In the specialist clinic at Borowska Street in Wroclaw, Edge:LED luminaires (plasterboard mounting) were used. A lighting design that complies with the standards was prepared. Particular attention was paid to places such as treatment rooms, where the concentration of the personnel is extremely important. Well-designed lighting contributes to reducing the risk of error.

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Lighting in the sales hall – PSB Kenpol

Replacement of lighting with luminaires with high aesthetic values and a low UGR factor. The company decided to replace the lighting in the sales hall in order to ensure better visibility of products for consumers. The arrangement of the luminaires allows for even lighting of each element in the store.

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PZTS (Polish Table Tennis Association): lighting for sports facilities

Lighting that meets the highest requirements of table tennis players. The arrangement of the luminaires allows for lighting the hall in various combinations, depending on the type of performed activities and the number of players.

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