Specialist Medical Clinic at Borowska street: modern lighting in the facility

Illumination of treatment rooms in the clinic

In the specialist clinic at Borowska Street in Wroclaw, Edge:LED luminaires (plasterboard mounting) were used. A lighting design that complies with the standards was prepared. Particular attention was paid to places such as treatment rooms, where the concentration of the personnel is extremely important. Well-designed lighting contributes to reducing the risk of error.

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Case study – Luxon and Indulux for the Grolsch brewery in the Netherlands

We have established cooperation with Indulux that included the delivery of LED luminaires to facilities belonging to Grolsch in the Netherlands. Reducing electricity consumption, caring for the environment and employees and the need to phase out fluorescent lamps were the main reasons why the company decided to replace its light sources.

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oświetlenie sklepu

Project in the KOMFORT HOME shop in Komorniki

What are the major challenges and needs for showrooms planning to purchase lighting? Find out more about the case study of our customer KOMFORT HOME. The shop, located in Komorniki, was fitted with modern and energy-efficient LED lighting.

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