Theysohn Formenbau GmbH belongs to the Boryszew group, which is active on the Automotive market and in chemical and metal industries. Theysohn Formenbau GmbH is focused on the production of metal matrices used for the production of plastic components. The company has a highly developed and technologically advanced machine park that allows it to create unique, high-quality and diverse products. We performed a lighting audit in three German branches of the company, paying particular attention to the impact of lighting on occupational safety and operating costs. We suggested specific solutions to implement changes in this area and the customer decided to follow our suggestions.

What has the company achieved thanks to lighting modernization?

Znaczek oszczędności 50% - Luxon LED

Savings close to 50%

Miniatura znaczka 2 razy większego natężenia światła - Luxon LED

An average 2.5-fold increase of light intensity

Modern remote lighting control - uSee

I was convinced that everything would be completed by one company, that we cooperate not only with the seller, but with the manufacturer and seller as well as with the company that produces in Europe.

Henning Strepkowski
Kierownik ds. bezpieczeństwa i utrzymania ruchu


Luminaires resistant to high temperatures. Which lamps will perform best in a modern production plant?

We had to replace the existing luminaires in somewhat old production halls with very high temperatures under the ceiling (especially in summer). The whole implementation process involved working at high temperatures. The customer expected light sources distinguished by slow degradation and long lifespan. They were to be made of high-quality components that will guarantee their durability and bring a positive impact on reducing electricity costs. What’s more, the customer wanted us to use innovative automation solutions for creating a remote-control system. The procedures of replacing the existing lamps had to take place while the plant was fully operational, without stopping the production process.

Implementation and solution

Lighting adapted to work in high temperatures, with higher intensity and low energy consumption at the same time.

We installed the luminaires and a fully new wiring system and a fuse box that needed to be replaced. Taking into account the conditions in the halls and customer expectations, we chose the PRO version of the Ultima LED lamps that are resistant to high ambient temperatures and a high protection rating (IP65) and low UGR factor for increased comfort and safety. The lighting was equipped with the Helvar control system with the division into zones and light sensors. Lighting management is possible due to the use of button panels that allow for choosing light scenes and turning the light on and off. Lighting management is possible due to the use of button panels that allow for choosing light scenes and turning the light on and off. It also informs the user about failures and monitors electricity consumption in real-time.

Client’s Benefits

We have fulfilled all customer’s requirements

  • 48% energy savings
  • An average 2.5-fold increase in light intensity in work areas – improved work safety
  • Modern remote lighting control thanks to the USEE interface
  • Improved employee comfort thanks to a lower UGR factor
  • 5-year warranty for the luminaires

Implementation summary

48% savings on electricity annual

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CO2 emission

Annual reduction of CO² emissions from 168 tons to 82 tons

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