Product exposureon shop displays, front-end counters on in a showroom specifically determines how products are experienced by customers, directly affecting the sales results. It is important to properly flesh out the attributes of the product offered for sale. Maybe it is a good idea to think on how to boost sales with lights?

Can shop floor illumination affect sales?

Optimum illumination at the sales showroom and of the products there drives favourable shopping behaviour of customers. Here, the general illumination should be the backdrop of accent lights, where the latter should flex out the greatest advantage of the products being sold. General shop floor illumination, which is especially important at the checkout line and in circulation areas, determines how comfortable is it for customers on the shop floor. It is what makes a shop frequented more than others.

So, can shop floor illumination drive higher sales? The answer is obvious. Optimally visible products not only attract their purchase, but also make consumers spend more time in the shop. All of this directly drives the growth of a business and its revenue.

Linie świetlne Lumiline w sklepie Neonet - Luxon LED

How to drive up sales with lights?

The lighting market carries many products. The characteristics of general lighting, accent lights, and decorative lights vary. The type of products sold must be considered and depending on what it is, these factors require specification:

wymiana oświetlenia dofinansowanie


jaki panel led do biura
wymiana oświetlenia na led dofinansowanie

Glare (UGR)

dofinansowanie na oświetlenie led



Other functionalities, like beam angle control.

Given its specific use, general illumination should have uniform distribution and an illuminance lower than accent lights. Thanks to the contrats, consumers will be drawn better to accent-illuminated products. The unified glare index is also an important issue. It is critical to the comfort of everyone on the shop floor, both consumers and the staff; hence, light fixtures should have a UGR as low as possible.

czy oświetlenie sklepu może wpływać na wzrost sprzedaży
barwa światła na hali produkcyjnej

Key parameters for accent illumination of the articles on the shop floor are light colour and the colour rendering index, CRI (80 or better). White light is best for clothing and jewellery stores. The products at grocery stores, like cheese, pastry, meat, fruit and vegetable, as well as fish and frutti di mare, should be accentuated with dedicated light sources. All these parameters can be achieved with LED light fixtures.

Highbay luminaires in Toyota showroom

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