Before upgrading the lighting, it is worth asking yourself what the distinctive features and differences are between sodium and LED lighting? This can be helpful when choosing new light sources. It is important in street lighting and also applies to industrial facilities.

Sodium and LED lighting – differences and similarities

Both, industrial facilities and streets are illuminated with different types of light sources. The basic ones include traditional sodium discharge lamps, which are increasingly being replaced by LED technology. Below, we outline the features, of sodium versus LED lighting.

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What are the characteristics of sodium lamps?

Lighting with high pressure sodium lamps is primarily distinguished by theyellow colour of the light. This, in comparison to LED lighting, gives a different visual impression and compromises the quality of vision. This is also influenced by a narrow light spectrum. Note that, in practice, the reflection of light depends on the colour of the surface on which it falls. If a green object such as grass is illuminated with yellow lightit will appear black. This is due to the absorption of the light beam by the surface it reaches.

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Features of LED lighting

LED lighting is, on the other hand, characterised by a wide light spectrum. As a result, due to the higher contrast of the illuminated areas, it can provide sufficient visibility even with low lamp power. Moreover, the efficiency of LED lighting is higher compared to conventional lamps. However, the values quoted by manufacturers do not fully reflect the actual amount of light that reaches the object. In the case of a sodium lamp, the energy efficiency factor is determined by measuring the luminous flux at the exit of the luminaire, which can be quite misleading.

Sodium vs LED lighting

Note that LED lighting cannot be compared directly with classic sodium lamps. This includes the number of lumens emitted by the luminaires,and other aspects related to light should also be taken into account. Therefore, before making a final choice, it is a good idea to compare the sodium vs LED lighting.


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