Upgrading an industrial facility usually involves numerous aspects. Each of these is aimed at reducing the energy intensity of the building, improve the comfort of workers, or increase the efficiency of the work performed. A lighting retrofit is one of the company’s improvements. In this article, we provide information on how to corretly install lighting on the shop floor.

Shop floor lighting – challenges and difficulties

The shop floor lighting retrofit usually needs to be done while production lines and machines are running. However, these are not the only challenges. When installing the shop floor lighting, consideration must also be given, among other things, to:

  • operations performed,
  • height of the premises,
  • illumination of the workstations,
  • dust levels,
  • high temperatures,
  • other factors.
prawidłowy montaż oświetlenia na hali produkcyjnej

The above factors often determine the installation method and selection of appropriate light sources. The choice of LED industrial luminaires should be preceded by a lightingaudit.

jak zamontować oświetlenie na hali produkcyjnej

The shoop floor lighting with industrial LED luminaires.

jaki panel led do biura

Luminaires used for workstation and general lighting in production and storage facilities should be adapted to the local conditions. The following must be taken into account: guidelines provided in standards, or other legislation stipulating the minimum values of certain parameters. This, in particular, applies to appropriate lighting intensity.

The shoop floor lighting design is an essential part the installation of luminaires. It contains all the necessary data, such as the number and type of lamps used and their spacing. In warehouses and production halls, the most commonly used are the high bay LED luminaires, as well as our Ultima LED and Industrial LED lamps.

how to install lighting correctly in a production hall

How to install the shoop floor lighting?

montaż oświetlenia na hali produkcyjnej

When replacing luminaires in industrial facilities the primary consideration is safety. This applies to both the installers, and the workers themselves who are in the facility. Risk factors should be minimised, and the installation should be carried out by those who know how to install lighting correctly on the shop floor.

projekt oświetlenia na hali

A document and a supporting tool during the installation of new luminaires is the installationplan. It is a guide optimised for installation activities, which aims to minimise their impact on the company operations. In particular, it takes into account the protection of the employees in the plant and the components being manufactured. While creating the installation plan, it is necessary to talk to the people in charge of the production. This will help ensure that the installation of the lighting on the shop floor goes smoothly and safely.

prawidłowy montaż oświetlenia na hali produkcyjnej

Also note that some industries require a special approach to lighting upgrades. The installation of luminaires in these production facitilites can be quite challenging. Sometimes it happens that the installers have to work using mountaineering techniques and, in order to ensure safe installation, they need to wear specialised protective clothing. For this reason, to protect your facility and its processes, it is a good idea to use experienced lighting installation contractors.

jak prawidłowo przeprowadzić montaż oświetlenia na hali produkcyjnej

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