The body of every human being requires enough light to function. When sunlight is inaccessible, we complement or replace it with artificial light, like LED fixtures. Light affects our wellbeing and matters in the quality of the work we do. The effect of illumination on mental focus is evident and of major significance.

How does the quality of light affect focus?

wpływ oświetlenia na koncentrację

It is sensible to recognise how the body of every human being functions. Research proves that insufficient illumination can be conducive to sleepiness. It is related to the levels of cortisol and melatonin, which go off balance when there is not enough light. This reduces our capacity to focus. Remember that the lights around is needs to suit our needs. There is a difference in the performance of light that works best in an office than in a warehouse or on a factory floor.

jakość światła w miejscu pracy a wpływ na koncentrację

The effect of light at the workplace on mental focus, or what performance properties of lights matter the most?

The two essential parameters of illumination performance are the colour and illuminance.

barwa światła na hali produkcyjnej

The light with a neutral colour temperature close to 4000 K works in most areas. A cooler light colour is suggested for production shop floors, design work areas, and wherever the work tasks require enhanced precision and mental focus.

jaki panel led do biura

The effect of illuminance on mental focus has been proven a long time ago. Visual performance relies on the illumination at the work station and of general lighting. A low contrast of light favours work which demands high attention.

It is why when applying light flux focus available in Ultima Mini and Industrial lamps, you need to remember to illuminate other areas, too. General illumination is most often provided with High Bay LED fixtures.

jaki panel led do biura wybrać

Also consider the aspects of light that can disturb focus. They include flickering and unified glare index (UGR). When LED fixtures are used, their flickering must be minimised, which relies on powering the LED lights with high-quality power adapters. The effect of the quality of light, especially the light glare, on mental focus is of immense importance. High UGR values reduce the capabilities of vision. It is sensible to pay for lights that feature an optimised design of the optical path, which minimises the glare index.

Zmodernizowana hala produkcyjna firmy LG Electronics z oprawami Industrial - Luxon LED

Modern LED lamp solutions that affect the working comfort.

Light control is a key functionality of LED fixtures that not only provide additional savings, but also can improve the quality of work and drive the performance of workers. Illuminance can be controlled with a time schedule or, if additional sensors are implemented, follow the patterns of outdoor light changes.

Łatwa obsługa, instalacja i modernizacja - protokół DALI

If you do not know what LED fixtures are best for your business or what perfromance parameters they should feature, contact us! We will answer all your questions and help to specify the best choice.

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