Luxon LED has won a contract to improve energy efficiency in the plants of CIECH Soda Polska, a company belonging to the CIECH Group, one of the largest chemical concerns in Central and Eastern Europe. Over 14,000 luminaires will be replaced at the soda plants in Inowrocław and Janikowo, which will result in a reduction of energy consumption by nearly 10,000 MWh per annum and bring over PLN 3 million in savings. Using energy-efficient luminaires will also cut carbon dioxide emissions from electricity purchases by 8,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

A steady reduction of energy consumption, improving energy efficiency and cutting CO2 emissions are essential parts of CIECH’s new ESG policy, i.e. the company’s activities in the area of environmental protection, care for the people and society, and attention to the highest standards of corporate governance. Therefore, still in 2020, a tender for a comprehensive replacement of lighting at the Group’s plants in Inowrocław and Janikowo was launched. The tender was won by the company that offered the most beneficial solution in terms of energy efficiency and took responsibility for the energy effect.

“Replacing luminaires is part of a steady reduction of the energy used while running our plants on an annual basis. Our ambitious decarbonisation plans also include increasing energy efficiency and thus reducing global CO2 emissions. Replacing over 14,000 luminaires is only one of many CIECH initiatives undertaken to acomplish this” – says Jarosław Ptaszyński, the CEO of CIECH Soda Polska.

The entire project is to be completed by the end of this year, and the work will be done in a running plant, without disturbing the production of the plants. Upon completion of the project, CIECH Soda Polska will gain an additional PLN 2 million from the sale of the so-called “White certificates” issued by the Energy Regulatory Office, to prove an increase in energy efficiency resulting from the project.

“For Luxon, this is another major contract that we will complete for a leader in the industrial sector. It is clear that companies are increasingly serious about making energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions. Another significant trend we see is the improvement of working conditions and care for the comfort of employees” – says Maciej Szott, Vice-President of Luxon Sp. z o.o.

Luxon LED is a Polish lighting manufacturer that guarantees the energy-saving effect from the replacement of lighting. Luxon LED’s business model is unique on a European scale, as it guarantees light intensity over time, while maintaining the appropriate energy performance throughout the warranty period.

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