PSB KENPOL Sulejów is one of the stores of the network that belongs to the PSB Group. Moreover, it is one of the largest and fastest growing wholesalers of building materials and stores in the home and garden sector. The company decided to replace the lighting in the sales hall in order to ensure better visibility of products for consumers. PSB Mrówka Sulejów is a modern market that focuses on the highest quality of products, while providing customers with a wide range of solutions. Professional building materials and accessories for interior design allow not only to carry out the renovation, but also to change their arrangement. After a request to prepare an offer for lighting replacement, the company entrusted us with the execution of the project.


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Kamil joined our team a few years ago and is responsible for handling investments in central Poland

What has the investor gained by using our products and services?

Ikona 5 lat gwarancji na oświetlenie - Luxon LED

Lighting according to current standards, with 5-year warranty

Increasing the light intensity to 700lx

Ikona 3x KWh, wpis kompleksowa modernizacja dla firmy LG Electronics - Luxon LED

Reduction of energy consumption

First of all, we tried to use the current cable routes in the project, so as not to generate additional costs for assembly.

Miniatura zdjęcia Kamila Frątczaka - Luxon LED

Kamil Frątczak
Expert Key Account Manager


Challenges in modernizing lighting in sales halls

Change of lighting on existing cable routes. What kind of luminaires improve the appearance of products and ensure aesthetics in the sales hall at the same time?

The contract concerned the modernization of lighting in the sales hall with the use of existing cable routes, so as not to generate additional costs due to the installation of new cables and new assembly elements. As a result, the luminaires had to be designed in such a way that their assembly would be 1 to 1. Moreover, the customer expected high safety in terms of low failure rate of LED luminaires while ensuring improved light intensity at the same time. It was also essential to illuminate not only large but also small elements in order to highlight them, without using additional spots. Another significant demand of the client was a competitive price, while maintaining high quality of the final effect. Eventually, flexible luminaires were to be created, which would be perfectly integrated into the existing infrastructure, allowing the goods to be properly displayed.

Implementation and solution

Individual solutions: highly aesthetic luminaires and low UGR with an intelligent control system

After analyzing the client’s guidelines and based on the parameters obtained, we suggested LumiLine 3.0 luminaires to the company as a solution to render the correct level of colors. The diffuser used in the luminaire allowed to illuminate also small elements using the main lighting. Thus, it was possible to highlight them, without the necessity of using additional spots. The luminaires were installed on the existing cable routes, which allowed to reduce the costs of the assembly. Due to the fact that the LumiLine luminaire can be connected in a line or a system of squares, we achieved an aesthetic effect with high quality lighting of products.

Modernization of lighting in the production plant – Benefits for customer

Customer benefits

  • High lighting savings
  • Evenly distributed lighting
  • High color rendering
  • Improved visibility of seasonal goods
  • Failure-free performance during the warranty
  • 5-year warranty for the luminaires

Lighting modernization contributed to a threefold reduction in electricity consumption, while the intensity from one hundred and fifty lux has been increased to seven hundred.

Miniatura zdjęcia Kamila Frątczaka - Luxon LED

Kamil Frątczak
Expert Key Account Manager

Implementation summary

An average 4,5-fold increase of light intensity

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CO2 emission

Annual reduction of CO2 emissions from 56 tons to 18 tons

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