Increasing electricity bills are a reason for changes and modifications in companies. The owners increasingly decide to invest in the reduction of business running cost. One of the choices in this respect is the upgrading of conventional lighting to LED solutions. In the following article, we discuss the profitability of such projects.

Benefits of upgrading to LED lighting

In order to show the benefits of replacing the lighting with energy-efficient LED luminaires the table below presents our sample projects.

modernizacja oświetlenia na led

Savings above all

Using a modern solution, such as LED lighting has a number of benefits. The most tangible effect is the reduction of the ownership cost. Light sources with this technology are much more energy-efficient than conventional lighting systems. As a result, the consumption of electricity for lighting is significantly lower. When replacing lighting and providing a control system, the reduction of energy consumption can reach up to 90%.

czy modernizacja oświetlenia na led się opłaca
czy wymiana oświetlenia na led się opłaca

Comfortable working conditions

The lighting of a hall, office or shop, and particularly the lighting of workstations is affected by the quality of light sources. Many LED luminaires offer high colour rendering index and low glare. The quality and efficiency of the work carried out at the workstations is thus considerably improved. On the other hand, employees’ eyesight does not get tired so quickly, and the work itself is more comfortable.

jaki panel led do biura wybrać

Compare the effects before and after – move the line in the middle of the photo

Long life

LED lighting, thanks to the LEDs and proper power supply can last a really long time. An average lifetime of this type of lighting is 100,000 hours. In addition, the reliability of LED luminaires is much greater than that of conventional lighting. As a result, the warranty period can be extended up to 10 years.

wymiana oświetlenia na led czy się opłaca

Is the replacement of lighting with LEDs profitable?

jak obliczyć zwrot z inwestycji przy modernizacji oświetlenia na led

In fact, the profitability of the upgrade depends on the balance between the investment and savings resulting from the replacement of lighting. The cost of electricity consumption is also affected by the control system.. It provides additional savings by maximising the use of daylight and adjusting the brightness as needed. Investing in a comprehensive lighting upgrade is very cost-effective, as the return on investment, or ROI, is achieved in just a few years.

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