Every workplace should be properly illuminated and, given the tasks to be performed, the light intensity in the office is particularly important. Proper lighting has a positive effect on employees and increases their efficiency. This can be achieved by using energy-efficient solutions, such as LED luminaires.

In this article, we discuss:

  • what to take into consideration when choosing new LED lamps for the office,
  • what the required light intensity in a workplace is,
  • the benefits of choosing the appropriate light sources in office spaces.

What to keep in mind when choosing new LED luminaires – light intensity for office work

Office buildings are workplaces where employees spend a significant amount of time, but they often lack daylight. Companies also work at night, so it is necessary to use artificial light sources. Electrical lighting should be adapted to the prevailing conditions and the type of work performed.

Activities involving work at a PC and with documents require great focus. They cause considerable strain on the eyes of workers, so the workplace lighting affects their effectiveness. High contrasts between the work area and the surroundings are not conducive to such work. To this end, general lighting with the appropriate intensity should be provided. It should comply with the relevant standards as well.

natężenie światła w pracy biurowej

It is also worth taking into account other parameters determining the source of light that can have a negative impact on the comfort of the performed work. It is about the flicker effect, CRI and UGR coefficient, as well as the light colour. These are most often to blame for headaches, bad moods and employee fatigue. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in workstation lighting, where brand-name power supplies are used and the colour rendering is appropriately high.

Requirements for lighting at workstations

What the light intensity in the office should be can be determined based on current guidelines and regulations. Workplace lighting should meet at least the minimum requirements, so it is recommended to perform the illumination measurements before and after the upgrade.

natężenie światła w biurze
jakie powinno być natężenie światła w biurze

Light and illumination, or the PN-EN 12464 standard

Proper lighting of workstations is defined in PN-EN 12464 1. This standard sets out the minimum illumination levels for each activity performed indoors. Moreover, its provisions refer to the required uniformity of lighting and the glare rate at workstations.

jakie normy musi spełniać oświetlenie magazynowe

For office work, where tasks are performed mainly at a PC, it is necessary to ensure that the light falling on the work surface is at least 500 lx. However, in places where computer equipment is used occasionally, the ligh intensity should be at least 300 lx. The table below also shows other examples of activities performed in office work and the respective light intensity required.

jakie powinno być natężenie światła w pomieszczeniach pracy biurowej
Type of indoor activity Light intensity required
Segregation, copying 300 lx
Writing by hand 500 lx
Reading 500 lx
Operating a computer keyboard 500 lx
Computer-aided design workstations 500 lx
Drawing rooms 750 lx

Adequate light intensity and its benefits

Providing adequate lighting at workstations has many benefits. Daylight contributes to a sense of well-being. A neutral colour of light has a positive effect on concentration, with 4000 K being recommended. On the other hand, the intensity of light adjusted to the work performed increases the efficiency of employees. Therefore, it is reasonable to think about the appropriate use of scientific achievements, such as LED luminaires and the relevant control, so that energy efficiency is combined with productivity.

natężenie światła do pracy biurowej
jakie powinno być natężenie światła w biurze

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