Every product, be it on a lighting market or from another sector, is covered by warranty. The manufacturers specify the warranty terms and conditions to regulate the obligations of the warrantor and the rights of consumers. Before buying a product, it is a good idea to understand its warranty terms and conditions. The warranty period granted for lighting products is important. How to verify the reliability of lamp manufacturers? – This is the topic discussed in the article below.

jak sprawdzić wiarygodność producenta lamp pod kątem długości gwarancji

GT&C, or the general warranty terms and conditions – key aspects.

Light fixture/luminaire manufacturers often provide their products with lengthy, complex certificates which explain the product warranty. It is not always convenient to every consumer. How to verify the reliability of lamp manufacturers? For industrial lights and street lights, it is critical to think of several aspects.

w jaki sposób sprawdzić wiarygodność producenta lamp pod kątem długości gwarancji

Warranty period

LED lamps are usuall noted for having a long life. A warranty conditional on a restricted number of lamp operating hours per year should be approached with caution.

It also makes sense to check if the warranty period applies to the entire lamp luminare or just to certain components. The warranty period should cover all parts of a lamp, including its power supply system, which is critical to this category of electric equipment.

It is also good practice for manufacturers to specify the ageing of the LED luminaire in its GT&C. Ageing means the maximum reduction of illumination efficiency over a defined time. This parameter is denoted as LxBy.

Operating limits for LED lamps

Usually, a warranty certificate specifies the requirements for the proper use of lamps. Here, a LED lamp manufacturer should suggest the limits within which a LED luminaire is allowed to operate. This especially concerns the ambient temperature at the luminaire’s installation location.

GT&C also specify the obligations of the guarantor. For lighting products, the warranty service call response time is important. It should be verified. The shorter a service response or warranty replacement, the better the operating safety.

w jaki sposób sprawdzić wiarygodność producenta lamp

How to verify a lamp manufacturer for its product warranty period?

Here, the technical specificaitons and power supply system of lamp luminaires deserve priority. The warranty period and its extension, if any, should strictly depend on the properties specific to the luminaire components.

It is important that the LED lamp manufacturer has a contract or another type of agreement with the product component OEMs. It is a testament of cooperation that proves the manufacturer is supported technically and financially in its production, warranty, and complaint handling processes. It is critical when it comes to LED lumionaires, especially their power supplies and LED modules.

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