Dedicated luminaire for demanding industrial conditions.

When designing Industrial:LED luminaire, we wanted to create a modern alternative to the traditional, hermetic fluorescent lamps. Installation of Industrial luminaires preserves high luminous flux with lower energy consumption. Owing to its resistance to dust, water and mechanical damage, the solution is dedicated to demanding industrial conditions.

Industrial 5.0 is probably the most effective luminaire in this market segment. We started work on the next version to secure our leading position already at the first release.

Miniatura zdjęcia Patryka Głowackiego - Luxon LED

Patryk Głowacki
Director R&D in Luxon LED

Industrial LED 5.0 – what distinguishes it from other hermetic luminaires?

The luminaire housing is made of GRP, that is reinforced fiberglass. The diffuser is made of PC (polycarbonate). Both materials are resistant to corrosive acids, alcohol and fats. They also are characterised by good electrical, optical and insulating properties. It is possible to replace the diffuser with one made of PMMA, not susceptible to, among others, UV radiation.

IP 66 ensures full dustproof protection and protection against a strong water jet (100 l/min) poured onto the housing from any side. The luminaire is also characterised by a high level of mechanical resistance – it resists energy impact of 5J. EX version meets the requirements of ATEX, which means that Industrial luminaires can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Clips and fitting elements, made of stainless steel (INOX), do not corrode under the influence of, among others, atmospheric factors, diluted acids or alkaline solutions. If requested, clips can be replaced with plastic ones. Industrial:LED offers the highest efficacy in its class: 185 lm/W. It is possible owing to the use of LEDs with the luminous flux of 220 lm/W, a diffuser losing less than 9%, and a power supply with the efficiency exceeding 86%.

A very high colour rendering index makes the luminaire optimal also for printing houses and clothing stores. The CRI amounts to as much as 85, while the standard starts from 80. You can choose numerous options: you can order luminaires from 60 to 150 cm long, in 3 bar temperatures, from 5500 to 12200 lm. Fitting (pass-through, surface or suspended) enables serial connection and 1-to-1 modernisation in the existing points of light, which reduces investment costs.

Industrial:LED provides unique lighting adjusted to the specific conditions of industrial plants. The outstanding technical parameters combined with excellent quality of manufacture increase the safety of work and allow for significant reduction of costs.

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