Lamps, or light sources at workplaces are intended to improve the comfort and quality of the vision of the staff. It is why there has been a growing number of employers who invest in the replacement of lights. How are lamps upgraded to LEDs in a commercial business? What is important to make it right? We answer these questions in this article.

Assessing the existing conditions

This stage of the process is preparatory, including a lighting audit before the ultimate replacement of light luminaires. It is necessary to count the light sources on site and estimate their totar power. The condition of the existing electrical lighting system must be evaluated.

interior lighting audit

The objective of upgrading lights

The next step after taking stock of the industrial facilities is to determine the requirements for artificial illumination in every room on site. This stage consists in a determination of the illumination time of the lighting system and understanding the tasks done at the workstations. The result of analysing the lighting demands is the data driving the selection of new light luminaires. The objective of the upgrade can be the increase of illuminance.

jak prawidłowo zmodernizować oświetlenie w firmie

Applied solutions – illumination design

In this stage, when a comprehensive upgrade of artificial lighting is attempted, simulations are run to specify the optimum LED luminaires. A design of the artificial lighting for a production floor, a showroom, a shop, or an office is based on the knowledge and experience of its design engineers. Considering the colour and illuminance of light and the optical performance of lamps, the light distribution is specified to match the area of new luminaire installation. An electrical lighting system can be provided with extra functionalities, like the DALI control, which can improve the worker’s comfort and productivity. The artificial lighting design should also specify the electrical power consumption before and after the upgrade of the lights. The artificial lighting design should also contain a specification of existing and planned power consumption and planned energy savings.

LED lighting – installation of luminaires

The new light sources should be installed without impeding with the production operations on site and with strict respect for the safety requirements. The lamps should be replaced by experienced professionals and the replacement is best specified in detail in the installation plans.

It is a short manual for upgrading the lights at the company. Partnering with and contracting a comprehensive lighting solution provider definitely helps to save time and remove issues when delivering the lighting upgrade project.

prawidłowy montaż oświetlenia na hali produkcyjnej

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