Highbay LED – The result of the biggest research and development project of Luxon LED.

In 2013, we introduced fitting Highbay, which became our bestseller. It was very efficient, resistant, easy to customize and included the best components. That is why, when in 2016 we started working on its new version, we knew it was going to be the biggest research and development challenge in the company. We wanted to make a product that would be unbeatably effective. We know that for our customers resistance and saving energy matter the most. What is more, we wanted to take care of users` comfort by limiting the glare effect, providing the highest phogobiological safety and enetring a modern industrial design. 

According to the concept of continuous improvement, we started the work on this version of luminaire a few months after implementing its predecessor. This time, responding to the needs of the market, we modified not only the optics and specificity of the luminous flux, bit also the luminaire structure so that to lower the centre of gravity and ensure quick cooling.

Miniatura zdjęcia Patryka Głowackiego - Luxon LED

Patryk Głowacki
Director R&D in Luxon LED

The process of creating the High Bay LED.

We invited Krzysztof Wiśniakowski to cooperate with us. He is a specialist in the field of aluminium elements design with 25 years of experience. We decided to rely on a structure made of pressed profiles as it allows for optimal balance of weight and heat emission surface and let’s for modular construction. We consulted each stage of the project not only with our sales team and customers, but also with our suppliers, which let us optimize both the power system and the source of light.

Working on an industry fitting is very difficult. It looks like arranging a Rubik`s cube where all the elements must fit each other perfectly: effectiveness, mechanical resistance, resistance to dust, water and aggressive environment, some versions of light beam, several versions of beam angle and finally the possibility of easy adaptation, customization and adjusting the product to the newest trends on the market.

Such a process requires the cooperation between and engineer responsible for the construction, an electronics engineer and a product manager. Each element of the prototype has to be tested as well. In Luxon, we share the same view that makes us take the next step. Each time we work on a solution, we immediately see it’s another version and the opportunities for further development. Then, we try to bend time to adapt the changes as soon as possible.

Three years of work on improving the High Bay LED luminaire.

First official versions were made in spring 2017. We created two series: one was based on mid-power diodes of the effectiveness of 200lm/W, whereas the second included highpower diodes of very high chemical resistance and long lifespan.

After having carried thermal test, we estimate the lifespan of each version for over 80 000 hours for the parameter of L80 B10. This is mostly the result of the incorporation of ribbed pipes radiators, imposing the natural heat convection, and special thermal constructive materials on the basis of PCB. Additionally, a vertically placed adapter is not exposed to the heat produced by the fitting, but it decreases the center of gravity of the construction. As a result, the diodes are always directed perfectly perpendicular to the floor.

The whole housing was made of anodized aluminium, which gives the fitting high chemical resistance and very modern look. It is worth mentioning that we put special attention to the decrease of subjective glare effect being an often problem in industry fittings. Months of research and cooperation with plastics manufacturers brought the usage of a diffuser which distracts and blurs the light and provides over 90% transparency at the same time.

We can say that the new Highbay is completely high-end. We hope that the luminarie will repeat the success of its predecessor.

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