How can you highlight the display of the business through lighting?

The light in hypermarkets should be comfortable for customers and emphasize the atractiveness of goods to increase sales. It is also important to avoid excessive lightning of the alleys and have the possibility to flexibly adjust the system reffiting of the premisses. By making LumiLine:LED – the successor of traditional fluorescent bulbs – we wanted to increase the comfort and aesthetics of small and open spaces.

I remember when my colleague wanted to prank me and showed me a picture of a supposedly unevenly installed LUMILINE luminaire, unfortunately he failed ? Thanks to the use of an aluminum profile and an exceptionally stable structure, I am sure that we will always obtain perfectly even lines in our projects.

Miniatura zdjęcia Patryka Głowackiego - Luxon LED

Patryk Głowacki
Director R&D in Luxon LED

LumiLine LED 2.0 – A modern system for the creation of light lines?

LumiLine:LED is a system that allows for the creation of coherent light lines of various lenght. The panel is seamless and that is why the fittings are joined into one without any visible points of contact. As a whole, it gives a very functional effect of high aesthetics. The fittings are available in two lenghts: 1.7 and 2.8 meters, which allow to adjust a flexible light lines system to the needs of a particular space. You can choose from 4 different photometric schedules for precise light distribution.

The lifespan of at least 50000 h and the system efficiency of up to 160 lm/W are joined with stable colour temperature: <3 SDCM. These qualities make it a modern product which is an energy-saving and aesthetic alternative to typical trunking lines.

LumiLine is an optimal solution for large-area stores and high storage warehouses. Thanks to the selection of proper optics, you can make use of various combinations, such as illumination over stillages by more than twice the beam of the alley, which serves for better product visibility. The system is easy and fast to mount and the installation of the joining components can be done in 3 moves. That is why, the doer can join the fitiings by oneself. More importantly, LumiLine maintains the same shape- it does not curve even in 100 meters long constructions.

Three colour temperatures: 3000 K, 4000 K, 5000 K allow for the selection of proper colour of the light and building light contracts in the way the space is friendly and safe for its users.

The flexibility in design, high efficiency, easy fixing and modern aesthetics make LumiLine LED proud successor of the solutions based on fluorescent sources.

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