We started in 2008 as a start-up, with great plans for the future, faith in our capabilities and our potential. However, we were aware that we were only at the beginning of the road, and the goal we wanted to achieve was somewhere far away, beyond our imagination. At that time we already could see ourselves as the European leader in smart professional lighting. However, it is only today that we can prove that the path we chose was the only one that was right. We are among the 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe, halfway through the FT 1000 ranking.

The only lighting manufacturer

The FT 1000 ranking has been prepared for three years by the British daily Financial Times. This is a list of the fastest-growing companies in Europe, among which IT companies have played a dominant role from the very beginning. It can be considered that they are unrivaled players who dominate the market. This year’s ranking took into account the highest percentage increase in revenues in 2014-2017. In the first place was the British fintech Blue Motor Finance, which is a company that created a platform for buying cars from dealers from the UK together with the possibility of finalizing the transaction in the form of a loan. Second place was also assigned to the British company – Deliveroo – but this time from a completely different industry, namely food delivery. The headline is closed by the Estonian Taxify, the creator of the taxi ordering application.

In the FT 1000 ranking we can find 22 Polish companies. Last year there were 20 of them, and two years ago only 6. In the middle of the rate, more precisely on 599. position, we can find Luxon, which for the first time earned a place in this prestigious ranking. This is a huge breakthrough in the development of our company. The increase in our revenues in 2014-2017 amounted to 292%, which is a huge driving achievement for further work.

We are the only producer of lighting in the ranking, and this is a huge distinction. Can we, therefore, already recognize ourselves as the European leader in smart professional lighting? The Financial Times gave us a clear signal that we have such predisposition.

Our way to the place in the FT 1000 ranking

A year ago, we celebrated the 10th anniversary, and on the 11th birthday we received a dream gift – a place in the FT 1000 ranking. Since 2008, each subsequent year has been full of challenges, new experiences, changes and ideas for us. In 2010, we illuminated the largest industrial hall in Poland – Baxter Manufacturing. A year later, we established cooperation with Osram and started the production of fittings within the framework of the co-branding agreement. The next breakthrough was the appearance of luminaires from the Industrial:LED and Highbay:LED series, which guaranteed us a revenue of PLN 1.65M. In 2013, we doubled this result, and the next year we crossed the magical line of PLN 5.5M, after which we received the title of the fastest growing company in the electrotechnical industry in Poland.

With each subsequent year, we have seen a clear increase in our company’s revenues. In 2017, it was already PLN 22M, and in the previous year we managed to achieve almost PLN 30M. It was because of our qualified employees, honest behavior, cooperation skills, product reliability and huge commitment to each project that we could consider each subsequent year to be better than the previous one. The 599. position in the ranking of the fastest growing companies in Europe is not only a distinction and a reward for us, but also a motivation to improve this result next year.

Now we are focusing on the development of exports. Our goal is to improve cooperation with our partners in Europe and the Middle East. We are still building our brand because we know that you can always do everything better.

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