In 2018, together with our partner for the Warbud company, we implemented the lighting system being a part of the project of “Construction of a tunnel under the PKP railway tracks between Kilińskiego and Składowa Streets in Siedlce”. The goal of the investment was to connect two parts of the city center and to create a new communication route that would improve traffic on the Siedlce bypass. Based on a detailed design, Luxon LED created calculations, completed full documentation and provided 4 types of the necessary luminaires to complete the task under the design assumptions.

What did the contractor achieve thanks to our luminaries?

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Road lighting standard

Meeting road lighting standards

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5 years warranty

A specialized project made by us ensured quick material acceptance. We were able to provide four required types of lighting, which meant that the contractor did not have to talk with multiple suppliers.

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Marcin Oleszowski
Street lighting Sales Manager


Which luminaires should be used to meet the requirements in all parts of the tunnel?

The tunnel in which our lighting was installed is over 150 meters long and is built under the PKP railway tracks. Our customer expected us to execute the order quickly and efficiently, taking all previous design assumptions into account. What’s more, we had to provide special vandal-proof luminaires suitable for tunnels, as well as emergency lighting and external luminaires to be used outside the tunnel. Depending on the part of the tunnel, we had to provide a different light intensity to make sure that drivers will use the road with maximum comfort and safety. We also had to measure the decrease in luminous flux for 24-hour usage, because the luminaires in the tunnel must operate around-the-clock.

Implementation and solution

Adaptation of Skylight LED to tunnel conditions. Special optics and appropriate power level for tunnel lighting.

Having made the appropriate calculations and presenting the results, we were able to offer a comprehensive solution for the delivery and installation of all four types of luminaries. Outdoor and tunnel luminaries were chosen from our offer, while the vandal-proof and emergency luminaries were taken from our partners. We chose the Skylight LED luminaries dedicated to industrial and street use, but we had to implement some changes to adapt them to the tunnel conditions. We used special optics and decided on powers of 41W, which allowed us to avoid mounting the control and reduction system. The designers prepared detailed calculations that were necessary to choose the right lighting for the entrance, middle and exit areas.

Client’s Benefits

We have fulfilled all customer’s requirements

  • Comprehensive execution of the project by only one partner, including the delivery, assembly and luminaires choice
  • Specialized design to ensure quick acceptance of the materials
  • 5-year warranty on the luminaires
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