Development is inscribed in the politics and culture of our company. We are driven by achievements, goals and constant increase in revenues. In October last year, we became convinced that we were driving not only ourselves, but also Wrocław as a city which with each subsequent year has more and more to offer current and future residents.

On October 17, at the Wroclaw Congress Center at Hala Stulecia, a conference took place as part of the MADE IN WROCŁAW fair, in which the leaders of Wrocław’s business participated. We had a great pleasure to take part in it. For us it is a huge distinction and another motivation to act. The company LUXON LED was represented by the president Krzysztof Ostrowski and vice president Maciej Szott. We have been presented as the fastest growing company in the industry, as well as a laureate of the Deloitte awards. In 2017, we were ordinary participants of the fair, and on October 17, 2018, we stood on the stage among the leaders of the Wrocław business.

A company with Wroclaw roots

LUXON LED was founded 11 years ago in Wrocław by graduates of the University of Wrocław. We are strongly connected with this place, with the environment that has created excellent conditions for development and gave us a chance to achieve our goals. We are made in Wroclaw – we do not intend to change it. That’s why we could share our experience with young entrepreneurs and show them our way from plans and visions to their implementation.

When in 2009 we were asked, what company is to be in 5 years, and what we want to achieve in 10 years, we responded boldly looking ahead: “We are a Polish lighting manufacturer that competes with Philips on the market.” This vision has become an important component of our development.

Striving to realize the vision

Vision is just the beginning, it presents us in a few or a dozen years. To make it happen, you need work, commitment and motivation. Our quest for its implementation describes Wayne Gretzky’s words very well: “A good player plays where the disc is, an excellent player plays where the puck goes.” We measured (and still measure) very high, but the ambition allowed us to build the right way of development, supported on several universal components. We talked about them at the conference, wanting to inspire the young generation of entrepreneurs, but not only, to create our own foundations for development, but also to use ours.These are:

Focus and clear goals

Our goal from the very beginning was the fastest growth in investment in lighting in Poland. To achieve this and focus on the high quality of our products, we decided to reduce our product portfolio by 40%. As a result, the remaining 60% gained better quality and enabled us to achieve the set goal.

Process management

This is our fuel in the organization. The team consists of people who are the originators of the processes and those who implement them. To automate processes, their standardization is needed and we go this way.


Perseverance and consistency

Achieving goals requires work and a huge commitment at every stage of development. You have to accept minor failures by drawing appropriate conclusions from them. If we have a plan to carry out, we should carry it out persistently, in our case it lasts for 11 years. We notice effects that were not visible at the beginning of the road.

Culture based on shared values

We have a code of values ​​and anti-values ​​- people, honesty, x-factor, meaning cooperation within the organization, optimism and reliability in team operation – common for all employees. The board’s task is to set an example of how to make good use of this code.

We shine 

The presentation, which we presented during the conference, was entitled “#BRIGHTEXAMPLE”, it is the hashtag of our company. As a board of directors every day we must shine by example, be a model for our employees – we can only require what we represent from them. We believe in people and we will never give up on them. During recruitment, we always look for candidates for the right attitude and proper skills, because by multiplying these components, we can achieve success together.

Development in numbers

The constant increase in revenues only confirms that the development strategy and its universal components are working. In 2012, our revenues amounted to PLN 1.6 million, a year later to PLN 4 million. In 2014, we exceeded the threshold of 5 million, and in 2015 Luxon LED revenues increased twice in relation to the previous year. In 2018, we generated revenues of PLN 29 million, so we achieved the goal that we set for ourselves 6 years ago. In the FT 1000 ranking, prepared by the British daily Financial Times, we were recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in Europe. We also received the Deloitte Fast 50 award.

We are not slowing down, in the first half of this year, we moved to the new headquarters of the company, which we have now called “Fabryka Marzeń”, we still want to drive Wrocław as one of the leaders of Wrocław’s business.

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