The 21st century has seen inevitable advances in technology that most business owners are trying to keep up with. Smart-controlled lighting is an improvement that brings increased employee comfort while saving electricity, the price of which is constantly rising.

Find out what advantages this solution has and how it works!

Ikona systemu sterowania oświetleniem DALI - Luxon LED

DALI and smart building management

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a protocol that enables efficient communication. It works between individual luminaires or groups of luminaires and the control system via peripherals or other devices with a mobile application. It is part of a digital lighting control system, which is an alternative to conventional 1-10V based systems. What are the advantages of smart lighting systems?

Luxon System control

Benefit from savings. safety. comfort.

Advantages of modern lighting control systems

Reduced energy consumption

Smart LED lighting control is a great way to reduce your business running costseven further. With this solution, you can save up to 90% of your lighting costs and your business will also be consideredsustainable. How is this possible? With DALI system, it is possible, for example, to reduce the light intensity in certain working areas that are not used at the moment or have sufficient daylight available, thus reducing your facility running expenses.

Stare oprawy oświetleniowe - wynik
Legacy luminaires
Pobór energii z zastosowaniem protokołu DALI
Energy consumption reduced by approximately 91% by using motion and light sensors
Bezpieczeństwo - zastosowanie protokołu DALI

Safety and comfort

However, the advantages of smart lighting control systems, are not only reduced operating costs, but also increased safety and comfort for your employees. You will be able to flexibly adapt the lighting parameters in a particular place or area to the nature of your work. You will also benefit from improved performance of your employees at their workplaces.

Easy to operate, install and upgrade

The intuitive operation is also worth mentioning. With DALI, you can control individual luminaires or groups of luminaires via a mobile app or peripheral devices. Controlling multi-lamp systemshas never been so easy.

Łatwa obsługa, instalacja i modernizacja - protokół DALI

The benefit of smart lighting control systems is that they canintegrate and communicate with other system components, such as motion detectors or light intensity sensors, ensuring quick and easy scallability. Moreover, with the DALI protocol, you will not have to do a complete lighting upgrade when rearranging your business.

DALI protocol operating principle and performance

A lighting system consists of multiple components. Note that when using this protocol, each luminaire will have its individual address assigned. It is a huge advantage of the system since each lamp can be referred to separately and its parameters changed indivivually as required. What is important, the flow of information in this system is bidirectional, i.e. it is possible to control the lighting with a controller that can also collect and analyse information obtained from additional sensors placed next to the lamps.

Furthermore, within a single bus, and there can be at least several of them, DALI enables grouping of the luminaires according to the lighting needs of an area. How it works As an example, you might need to illuminate an office space with more light, and arrange the communication with motion and presence detectors – this protocol makes it possible and very simple at the same time.


Good to know!

When using DALI, the luminaires have to be supported, i.e. they should have a power supply that allows communication via the DALI interface.

System sterowania oświetleniem LED Dali

The drawing shows the high bay storage warehouse. The lower part of the warehouse has been lit with natural light through skylights. In this situation, we recommend the use of presence and light sensors.

When motion is detected, the luminaires are lit to the set value and adjust the light intensity relative to daylight. After leaving the detection field, the sensors disable the luminaires and switch to a standby mode. In the upper part of the warehouse, with artificial light only, the presence sensors have been used. After detecting movement in the alley, the sensors make the luminaires litto the set value and maintain the lighting intensity for a certain time.

Ikona systemu sterowania oświetleniem DALI - Luxon LED

DALI protocol operating principle and performance

There are a number of advantages of lighting control systems, which increase the efficiency of enterprises and improve occupational safety levels. If you, too, want to create the perfect operating environment for your employees while making additional gains in energy savings, take a look at our lighting control and LED technology applications today.

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