Neonet S.A. Wrocław

Lighting modernization of a store in Wrocław

Neonet is a chain store with RTV equipment and household devices, one of the sales leaders in the industry. Currently, the company has nearly 300 stores all over Poland. The brand has been operating for 15 years on the Polish market. In addition to traditional stores, they also sell online. One of the Luxon lighting modernization projects was carried out in a store in Wrocław, where LED light lines were installed.

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What is DALI protocol? The advantages of smart lighting systems

The 21st century has seen inevitable advances in technology that most business owners are trying to keep up with. Smart-controlled lighting is an improvement that brings increased employee comfort while saving electricity, the price of which is constantly rising.

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ENEC certification – what is it and why is it so important?

Electrical products carry various marks and certifications. Nowadays, the most popular are the CE mark, which you are sure to be familiar with, and ENEC. The products, whether on the national or European market, could not be sold without the CE conformity. This marking is granted independently by the manufacturer. Another type of product certification is the ENEC certificate.

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