jak obniżyć koszty energii elektrycznej w przedsiębiorstwie

Many owners wonder how to lower electricity bills in their business. There is usually not one golden rule for this. It depends mainly on the type of business you run. However, there are a number of universal methods that could be adopted in almost every place.

How to reduce energy cost in your enterprise?

Start with an audit! The most effective tool to assess the energy consumption is to perform an audit, including a lighting audit. It will provide you with details on the amount and the places where most energy is consumed. An energy audit includes information on the potential sources of savings and suggested investment to be made.

jak obniżyć koszty za energię w przedsiębiorstwie

Lighting upgrade, i.e. replacing the existing lighting solutions with energy-efficient LED light sources, is one of the ways to easily reduce the energy costs of a company. In order to get an idea of the amount of savings achievable with an upgrade project, you can use a simple electricity cost calculator. Consider the following:

wymiana oświetlenia dofinansowanie

The number and power of installed luminaires.

wymiana oświetlenia na led dofinansowanie

Lighting hours per year.

dofinansowanie na oświetlenie led

The price of purchasing and cost of installing new light sources.

The number and power consumption of energy-efficient luminaires.

Based on the above data and the unit cost of electricity consumption, the calculator will estimate how quickly the investment in new lighting will pay for itself.

Lighting control can be the feature that will further reduce electricity costs.. You can also use the electricity consumption calculator for that.

Another way to reduce electricity costs is to make your own photovoltaic system. An independent source of electricity can either fully or partially satisfy the needs for the operation of your business. Moreover, in the case of excess generated power, the on-grid system will allow for energy storage in the distribution network or its resale.

A high energy bill can also result from generating too much reactive power (find out more here). A way out of this situation may be to balance active and reactive power. In some cases it is necessary to use reactive power compensation.

Electricity cost savings calculator

Electricity Cost Saving Calculator

Enter the annual cost of electricity used for lighting (EUR)

Choose your variant and see how much you can save!

Choose your variant and see how much you can save!
Replacement of old lamps with energy-efficient LED lighting
Replacement of old lamps with energy-efficient LED lighting
LED lighting control system
LED lighting control system
Does natural light enter the building?
Does natural light enter the building?
Own photovoltaic installation
Own photovoltaic installation


Cost for energy after replacement with LED (PLN)

* The above simulation is not an offer. It may slightly differ from the offer prepared by our representative.

* The above simulation is not an offer. It may slightly differ from the offer prepared by our representative.

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