The oldest tea manufacturer in the world, a company with over 300 years of tradition, needed to change the lighting in their production halls and warehouses in Swarzędz, Poland. They wanted to reduce energy costs and improve working conditions. Twinings teas belong to the Premium brand and stand out because of their high quality ingredients, and thus are distributed only at prestigious points of sale. Twinings’s production plant in Poland is one of the four largest halls in the world; the tea that is produced here has unusual ingredients. Luxon LED has designed a lighting modernization project for the production hall and warehouses of the Twinings factory. There were two stages of work and the order was eventually completed in 2014. We suggested a completely new solution: we used special LED luminaires, modified and adapted to specific conditions.

What has Twinings achieved thanks to the modernization of lighting?

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Return of energy savings in less than 3 years

Ikona 450lx

Increasing the light intensity by 50%

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60 months warranty

Thanks to the lighting modernization, the company could afford to implement savings plans estimated for the next two years.

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Michał Wyborski
Sales Director


Which luminaires can be mounted in a suspended ceiling and meet the requirements applicable for food production plants?

The main goal of the lighting modernization in Twinings’s production halls and storage rooms was to reduce the energy costs. The customer expected the return of investment of fewer than 3 years since the implementation of the project. The construction of the building, especially the suspended ceiling in the entire production hall, meant that we needed to create new luminaires by modifying Highbay LED from our offer. What’s more, the existing luminaires in the factory were very large – 60 x 120, so we needed to design and create special lamps of the same size. All production rooms should offer appropriate working conditions and meet strict standards and requirements, so our luminaires had to have a high protection rating and provide adequate light intensity. The old luminaires failed to meet these internal standards in this respect.

Implementation and solutions

Specific lighting system with high light intensity and even light distribution.

The lighting solution we created for the Twinings production hall and warehouses was preceded with a detailed audit. We completed the project in more than a year from the beginning of the cooperation. We were aware that the old luminaires offered poor light intensity because of their insufficient permeability. We needed to design new luminaires – a modified version of Highbay LED – to adapt the whole system to the conditions created by the suspended ceiling and large size of the luminaires in the entire production hall.
We used the existing electrical installations and mounted the same number of luminaires that were previously installed in the production hall. Meanwhile, in warehouses we managed to reduce the number of lamps from 1200 to just over 250. We chose the luminaires with colour temperature of 4000 K, which meets all the standards for production rooms. We used additional seals to make sure that all the luminaires have a higher protection rating. The intensity of light increased from 300 to 450 lx, and the whole system of luminaires was adapted to the unusual conditions created by the suspended ceiling.

Customer benefits

  • Reduction of energy consumption costs and return of investment <3 years
  • Increased light intensity to meet internal standards
  • High protection rating
  • 5-year warranty for the luminaires
  • Luminaires adapted to specific conditions and the suspended ceiling
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