A method to generate savings in a business is to use efficient LED fixtures and lighting control. It is especially important for industrial processing and office areas. Lighting control can be implemented with WiFi-networked devices. Other control technologies are based on wireless Bluetooth communication or traditional wired communication.

jak sterować oświetleniem przez wifi

What is required for a system like that to work?

zdalne sterowanie oświetleniem wifi

The light system will need a controller to which sensors can be connected, such asmotion and presence detectors and light sensors. Every LED fixture can have its own controller for unique addressability.

zdalne sterowanie oświetleniem przez internet

Lighting control operating principle.

A control system can be based on managing groups of fixtures or individual fixtures. The simplest solution works by operating the lights according to a predefined schedule. A schedule can be planned according to the business hours or by the specific work tasks at the business location. If a system is provided with dusk sensors, motion detectors and illuminance sensors, smart lighting control can be implemented.. The entire system is managed by a controller in response to the data outputs from the installed sensors. This allows the operation of the lights to be adusted, and control the illumination according to the actual conditions.

Łatwa obsługa, instalacja i modernizacja - protokół DALI

For lighting control, WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity and peripheral device applications are the latest tools that greatly simplify the ways to achieve savings at workplaces. They help to improve the functionality of the illumination. The primary objective here is to manage light fixtures in a simple and transparent way, according to actual needs.

The chart presents the energy consumption levels for legacy light fixtures versus energy-efficient LED fixtures interfaced with a control system

Stare oprawy oświetleniowe - wynik
Legacy fixtures
Pobór energii z zastosowaniem protokołu DALI
Energy consumption reduced by approximately 91% by using motion and light sensors

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