The high-tech technologies include solutions for automation, ICT and power engineering. These are the products that ZPAS Group, dealing with prefabrication of cabinets, is proud of. Their range of products includes electrical and control cabinets, tool machines, and equipment for parcel sending. The key goals the customer wanted to achieve after the upgrade included reduced power consumption of the lampsand improved workplace conditions. Therefore, we proposed modern led luminaires with a control system.

Project video

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What are the benefits of the project owner who uses our luminaires and services?

Reduction in electricity consumption by 84%

Ikona systemu sterowania oświetleniem DALI - Luxon LED

Lighting control system with zoning

Ikona zwrotu z inwestycji po 1,5 roku - Luxon LED

Return on investment in 1,5 year

Upgrading the lighting in a production and storage hall – the challenges

Improved workplace lighting and a highly energy-efficient solution

Proper lighting at workplaces is essential to maintain a high comfort for the employees in the production hall. During that project, our task was to increase lighting intensity levels at workstations while minimising glare. Moreover, to avoid costly downtime, the installation had to be carried out without disrupting the production cycle, which was an additional challenge.

The customer also sought to achieve maximum saving of the energy for lighting of the production hall and warehouse area. Due to the different areas located in the halls, it was necessary to separate the zones.

Implementation and solutions adopted

Lighting control as a way to reduce energy consumption

Before we started work on the lighting upgrade project, we conducted a full audit. We counted the existing luminaires at the site and audited the entire hall areas. Importantly, we had to reuse the esisting electrical wiring during the upgrade.

Both, the storage rooms and the production hall are places that require high-quality lighting. With that in mind, we chose Industrial LED and Ultima LED luminaires, which are designed for industrial facilities. By doing so, we increased the average light intensity, which is particularly important in production areas, and improved its uniformity.

The upgrade project also included lighting control based on the DALI protocol. We installed a system equipped with motion and presence sensors, which further optimised the energy consumption.

Customer benefits:

  • Increased employee comfort at their workstations
  • Return on the investment in 18 months
  • Annual electricity savings of 84%
  • 8-year warranty on the luminaires
  • Light sources suited to the workplace needs and conditions
  • Smart DALI lighting control via a range of sensors
  • Possibility to obtain an Energy Efficiency Certificates

We succeded in reducting significantly ZPAS’s hall operating costs by using efficient led luminaires based on DALI protocol. The customer particularly appreciated the short lead time.

Łukasz Grzyb
Key Account Manager

Implementation summary

84% annual electricity savings

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CO2 emissions

Reduction of CO2 emissions by 84%

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