Luxon LED has won a tender to improve energy efficiency at the plant of SWISS KRONO sp. z o.o., a company that is part of the Swiss holding SWISS KRONO Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wood-based materials. Nearly 4,500 luminaires in the Żary plant will be replaced, which will result in a reduction of energy consumption by 5,435 MWh per year. The use of new and energy-efficient LED luminaires will reduce emissions by nearly 4,500 tonnes of CO2 per year. The reduction of this greenhouse gas is equivalent to the reduction in annual carbon dioxide emissions from 5,465 combustion-engine passenger cars!

Reducing CO2 emissions, improving working conditions and increasing safety at SWISS KRONO’s production plant in Żary are the main objectives of the project. In addition to ensuring appropriate lighting standards at workstations, the Żary-based manufacturer of wood-based materials focuses strongly on its sustainable development policy that is beneficial for today’s economy and the future generations.

The project, prepared and supervised by DB Energy, was guided by the choice of the latest solutions to ensure appropriate working conditions in the long run and a high level of automation through the control systems used. The far-reaching upgrade project involves the external lighting, workstations and emergency lighting.

The tender for such a complex project was won by a company offering a complete package including the most energy-efficient solutions, comprehensive lighting upgrade with a warranty coverage, a modern control system and high lighting quality.

The conclusion of the contract was preceded by an energy efficiency audit. The existing conventional lighting used in SWISS KRONO was audited. Based on the audit outcome, three criteria were adopted, which determined the choice of LED technology. The first one is the environmental aspect, the second is to improve the safety and comfort of our co-workers in the working space, and the third aspect is the financial saving that this solution will bring in the future. Like all other projects SWISS KRONO has implemented in recent years, this one focuses on finding solutions that will benefit the environment, employees and the economy. The internal and external lighting will be upgraded. This project will enable us to optimise the number of lamps required on the SWISS KRONO premises, taking into account all current requirements and standards. What is important, LED lighting will not generate excessive heat that will further improve the comfort of work on the shop floor, which is particularly important in summer.

Tomasz Rola
Management Board HSE Representative Swiss Krono Sp. z o.o.

The entire project is to be completed within 12 months, and the work will be carried out in the running plant without disturbing its current operations.

Given the current soaring energy prices, industrial plants urgently need to invest in retrofits and energy efficiency projects. However, what pleases me most is the awareness of companies such as SWISS KRONO that, apart from CO2 reduction and electricity savings, safe and comfortable working conditions for employees are equally important.

Maciej Szott Wiceprezes Zarządu Luxon LED

Maciej Szott
Vice-President of Luxon Sp. z o.o.

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