Carbon neutrality is one of the main goals of PRETTL Electronics GmbH, a leading German supplier of electrical manufacturing services (EMS). The company supplies products to many industries, including the automotive, aerospace and railways, but also manufactures electronic components for the medical and energy sectors and many others. The production of electronic components requires high quality lighting. For this purpose, it is necessary to use modern LED luminaires that will adequately illuminate workplaces and also generate savings.

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The lighting upgrade allowed the investor to achieve:

projekt oświetlenia hali produkcyjnej

Reduction of CO2 production by more than 50 tonnes per year

projekt oświetlenia hali

Reduction of electricity used for lighting by 65% per year

oświetlenie hali produkcyjnej projekt

Reduction of mistakes made by the employees

Modern LED lighting equipped with a control system

Increased productivity of operations and reduction of the generated CO2 are the key objectives set by the investor. Our solution was based on reducing energy consumption for lighting while increasing comfort to employees. We did this by uniformly illuminating the workplace areas.

Changing luminaires in a production hall for electronic components – challenges

The lighting at workplaces where electronic components are manufactured has to meet a number of requirements.

First and foremost, it is requied to ensure an adequate lightintensityanduniformity of illumination, including the reduction of glare effect. For this purpose, we conducted a lighting audit and prepared a detaileddesign.. However, in order to meet the investor’s requirement to minimise the energy used by lighting, we had to deliver a control system.

Solutions adopted

Installation of LED lighting with an intelligent control solution

With the audit, we determined the condition of the existing wiring. Satisfactory condition of the system made the upgrade possible. We replaced the existing light sources with the linear luminaire system Trunking LED. However, before the actual installation we completed the test phase. After it was successfully finished, we replaced the existing luminaires.

In order to minimise the energy consumed by the lighting we used a control system solution. The system was equipped with the incoming light sensorswhich make it possible to reduce the power of the light sources during the day. However, we always remembered to ensure the minimum luminous intensity of 500 lx at the workstations.

The lighting upgrade has also resulted in achieving the uniformity of illumination of workplace areas and thereduction of glare. This contributed to an improvement in working conditions and an increase in employee productivity. This effect was particularly noticeable on the production line, where very precise optical systems are used. As a result, the number of errors made by employees was significantly reducedby approximately 15%-20%.

Another benefit of the projectwas the integration of thegeneral and workstation lighting with emergency lights.

The upgrade to LED lighting has resulted in a number of benefits to the customer:

  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by over 50 tonnes per year
  • Annual electric energy savings of 65%
  • 10-year warranty on luminaires
  • Return on investment of the lighting retrofit including installation in 3.2 years
  • Intelligent lighting control using daylight intensity sensors
  • Increased employee comfort and productivity
  • Minimisation of errors made at workplaces by about 20%

Implementation summary

65% annual electricity savings

CO2 emission

Annual reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 50 tonnes

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