Light for parking lots and driveways: SKYLIGHT

When making the Skylight:LED, our goal was to increase the safety of production plants and improve the comfort on night shifts. We designed modern and precise lamps for outdoor areas close to industrial and commercial spaces. The effect? Bigger improvement of visibility at nigh at parking lots and on driveways.

When creating Skylight:LED, our main goal was to increase the safety of external surroundings of production plants and increasing the comfort of working during night shifts.

Miniatura zdjęcia Patryka Głowackiego - Luxon LED

Patryk Głowacki
Director R&D in Luxon LED

Features characteristic for Skylight LED.

A moving body that allows for the change of light beam`s direction is typical of Skylight:LED. A convenient mounting handle secures the movability of the fitting at the angle of 90 degrees, whereas a blokade makes the setting unmovable even in very strong wind.

Modern Osram ceramic diodes do not react with sulfur compunds, they are resistant to corrosion and allow for the fitting effectiveness of up to 117 lm/W.

The fitting is extremely durable – its case is strenghten with the level of resistance of IP65 to provide full resitsance to atmospheric agents. IK08 guarantees 5J impact resistance.

Resistance to water, dust and agressive atmospheric agents makes the fitting work flawlessly for longer time without the need of service. A high light beam (to 28650 lm) lets reduce the number of fittings in the project. Their efficiency – up to 117 lm/W- significantly reduces energy consumption.

Skylight:LED supports anit-bulglary systems in companies through precise lighning of the buildings` facades, vehicles, porches, parking spaces and grounds.

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